Must have baby stuff

Do you, like me, have a baby for the first time? Then you might, like me, almost get a heart attack when you see how much stuff you have to buy for your sweet little sprout. Still, I wonder at all: do I really need this, or will I throw a lot of money away on unnecessary things? I have chosen it for you and thanks to some tips from other mothers I have a number here must have baby stuff that really make your life with child a bit better!

Must turn off baby haves

A baby release list is certainly not for nothing. When you look at the stake out list, you see that many things are also pretty logical and necessary to have. Such as baby clothes, bottles and yes, such a chest of drawers also comes in handy. In addition to the clothes, furniture etc. that are indispensable, you also have to purchase the following products according to some mothers:

  • Hydrophilic diapers: Hydrophilic diapers are really those baby must-have items that should not be missed. You can use them as a cleaning cloth, to wrap up your baby, as a towel or as a screen in the pram.
  • Bill cloths: Of course you need bill towels to clean your baby's buttocks. The bill towels from Naïf seem to be the best to prevent diaper rash.
  • Changing mat: In addition to a changing mat, there is also the changing pad of Snooze Baby. This changing mat is ideal for traveling instead of a diaper bag. It contains bags in which you can store diapers and wipes. You can easily fold it together and take it with you.
  • Crib: Buy a handy bedstead, because you can do it for a long time!
  • Microwave sterilizer: For example the Philips AVENT microwave steam steriliser. If you work a lot or do not have a lot of time, a microwave sterilizer is really useful because sterilization takes only a few minutes.
  • Sleeping bag: If you buy a sleeping bag, purchase a 4 seasons sleeping bag. So you can use the sleeping bag all year round.

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Baby must haves 2018

In addition to the baby must have items from the dropout list, there are also a few other products that are very, very useful for your baby. As:

  • Baby Carrier: The baby carrier is becoming increasingly popular and that is really not without reason. Your baby feels wonderful in the baby carrier and you have your hands free to do other things. In addition, it helps your baby against colic or sprue.
  • Footmuff: To prevent your little one from getting cold feet, a footmuff is really indispensable!
  • Koeka or Joolz blanket: Maybe you have already seen him lying in a baby shop: the Koeka or Joolz blanket. These blankets not only look beautiful, but are also multifunctional. You can use it for dressing, as a play mat, blanket in the pram or crawl in the evening underneath!
  • Rechargeable jug: A jug is definitely recommended for newborn babies. For example, you can warm up the bed or you use it yourself. Now jugs with boiling water can quickly become too hot or leak. A rechargeable jug gets warm without the use of water and is not too hot!

Must have baby stuff online shopping or in stores?

Of course you can walk through the city or go to those big department stores to buy the must have baby stuff. But believe me: you often come home even more and with the most expensive products. This is mainly because you see everything and sellers can sometimes be quite pushy. Because yes 'do you want the best for your child?'

I avoid things like that and order everything online. This way I am not bothered and you can also find the best offers online. For example, at the super handy webshop of ikwordmama, which I recently ran into and had a lot of baby stuff for my trips.


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