29 weeks pregnant

Your baby has already reached the weight of 1100 grams and is just as big as a bottle gourd! When you 29 weeks pregnant you may experience more and more discomforts. Instead, you can now feel the movements of your little shoot and sometimes even see it. Your baby has less and less space in the womb. This allows you, if you pay attention, to feel a foot or elbow. Keep an eye on the movements, as long as your child is busy, everything is still good. However, if you notice that he or she is becoming less and less mobile, contact the midwife.

29 Weeks pregnant: Varicose veins

About 40% of all pregnant women suffer from varicose veins when they are 29 weeks pregnant. Varicose veins are harmless, but can hurt. In addition, they disfigure your legs which of course is not desirable. But you probably have to make a big effort to see your legs as your growing belly gets in the way. Varicose veins are caused by (of course) the hormones in your body and the fact that you have more blood in your body. So it is mainly a sign that you are pregnant and your body is working hard. After your delivery the varicose veins will leave automatically.

40% of women who are 29 weeks pregnant have varicose veins. Fortunately, they usually disappear automatically after the pregnancy. With a cream you can reduce the annoying feeling of restless legs and varicose veins.

Hold more moisture

Another nice extra is that, now that you are 29 weeks pregnant, you will retain more fluid. Maybe you can not get your rings anymore (or even worse: finish) and your ankles are almost twice as thick. Stuffed ankles and feet you get especially when you stand or walk long. It is therefore not strange that some shoes just do not fit anymore.

Spacious and easy shoes will now be preferred over charming pumps. So make it easy for yourself and choose practical clothes that are especially comfortable. Like loose clothing that does not pinch your body.

At this moment of your pregnancy you may feel anything but attractive. Yet it can now help you to have sex with your partner. His sweet touches can make you feel beautiful again. Sex can still be fine and can even be done in the last week of your pregnancy. In fact, some women choose to have sex in the last week because it may cause the contractions.

29 weeks pregnant: Your diet is becoming increasingly important

Now that you are 29 weeks pregnant and in your third trimester, your baby has the greatest need for healthy nutrition. So make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, vitamin C, iron, proteins and folic acid. These nutrients can only enter your baby through you.

Healthy and varied food therefore remains important. If you have any doubts, take a look at the website of the Nutrition Center. There is indicated what you can eat to get all the necessary nutrients. You can also always ask your midwife for advice. If you eat enough and well, it is not necessary to take extra multivitamins.

Bottle feeding or breastfeeding

Have you already made a choice in which form you want to feed your baby in the future? Do you choose bottle feeding, breastfeeding or a combination? In this blog I help you choose between breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This is really something to think about, now that you are 29 weeks pregnant.

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