10 weeks pregnant

The length of your baby is now 4.5 centimeters, this is about the same size as a cherry. The weight is about 5 grams. When you are 10 weeks pregnant, the tail that your child has had until now completely disappeared. The organs have already been made in the other weeks and are now being matured. In proportion, the head is still quite large because the brain is developed at a rapid pace. Your baby now has fingers and toes that are no longer connected to each other with a membrane.

Teething, ears and sexual organs are formed

At ten weeks pregnant, the baby teeth are formed in the gums. The baby teeth only come through when your baby is 6 months old, but they are now already being made! A beginning is also being made with the earcups. The inside of the ear is already completely finished.

In the previous weeks, the principles of the sexual organs were created. This is working hard on this week. However, nothing can be seen on the outside. If you have an ultrasound in this week, you can not find out whether you will get a boy or girl. This can possibly be determined with amniocentesis.

Placental development

The placenta is being developed by the end of this week. From then on, your baby will be fed via the umbilical cord. This has now also been created. The umbilical cord is connected to the placenta via 3 blood vessels. Two of these blood vessels provide the supply of food and blood with oxygen. The third artery ensures that oxygen-poor blood and waste products are transported back to the mother's bloodstream.
Previously, your baby was fed by a yolk sac. This is now superfluous and will resolve itself.

Peak in amount of pregnancy hormones

The amount of pregnancy hormones in your body peak when you are 10 weeks pregnant. If you suffer from morning sickness or other pregnancy ailments that have arisen in recent weeks, these can worsen in week 10. Keeps full for a while, because after this week it will slowly have to be less.

Stop folic acid and take in enough vitamin D!

If all goes well, you started taking folic acid from the moment you tried to become pregnant. Or at least in week 1 of the pregnancy. You can stop this after this week.

Folic acid can reduce the risk of an open back, hareslip or open palate. These are already fully developed. Keep taking extra vitamin D because the development of the bones is still in full swing. Also ensure that you are sufficiently outside so that you can create this vitamin from the sunlight!

Not for two food but healthy

It is absolutely not necessary to eat for two. However, it is very important that you eat healthy, such as a lot of vegetables, fruit and fiber. Especially when you suffer from constipation during pregnancy (you can not go to the bathroom), fiber and enough fluid are very important.

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If you are ten weeks pregnant and you just eat healthy, you will not arrive in fat. However, it can feel like you are heavier, but that is mainly for your growing uterus, swollen intestines and the fact that you retain fluid. It is therefore not surprising that your trousers close more and more difficult. Therefore choose pants with an elastic band or wear more dresses and skirts.

10 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

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