Pregnancy disorders that we would rather not talk about

Everyone knows the most well-known pregnancy ailments. Even most men know that women can be nauseous during pregnancy, suffer from mood swings and receive sensitive breasts. But do they also know the other pregnancy ailments? Those ailments that we are talking about as little as possible? I do not think it's a reason to omit these less sexy ailments, because listen: we're also bothered by this ?! Do you recognize (secretly) all those too pregnancy disorders that we would rather not talk about?

Pregnancy disorders that we would rather not talk about

For my husband, a whole world is open now that I am pregnant. He expected the nausea, fatigue and mood swings, although that is not so bad for me. But he did not know a few other pregnancy ailments yet. When I leave a little shit for the umpteenth time, he makes a dirty face: "Is that also a pregnancy ailment that we men know nothing about?"

To get rid of the taboo, I thought: let me describe the pregnancy ailments that most pregnant women do not talk about. Because let's be honest: they really belong to it.

So if you are bothered by it, believe me: you are not the only one! High five! Do you dare to admit it?

  1. Smelly winds

    Your gut is no longer working optimally during pregnancy. That is partly due to the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes your muscles to relax, making your bowels work slower. The result is often constipation and flatulence. Now fortunately I have the constipation with me, but the flatulence is not. Sometimes my husband can literally smell where I've been.

  2. More separation

    Also a less appetizing pregnancy ailment: you have more separation. This separation is (if it is good) thin and watery. The reason you get more white spots in your underwear is because the secretion is necessary to protect your vagina against infections.

    In the beginning I caught it with panty liners, until I read that you better not do this. The best is to wear cotton underwear without anything in it. Then more often do a clean underpants and hide your 'old' at the bottom of the laundry basket.

  3. Do you know more pregnancy ailments that we would rather not talk about? Do you dare to share them and do you recognize them from me?

  4. More dark hair growth, in various places

    Your hair does not fall out during pregnancy and can even become fuller and stronger. Super nice! At least: if it stays on your head. I now notice black hair growth in places that initially remained undamaged. Like on my stomach and with my nipples!

    Every day I do a check to black hair and pull them out mercilessly. In any case: as long as I can still access it. Those black hairs on my stomach are increasingly disappearing to a place where I can no longer see them.

  5. Bleeding gums

    Sometimes it seems like someone has me very hard on my mouth has made, so much blood I spit out with the teeth brushing. I thought the first time I might have lost a tooth or something, until I found out it was just my gums.

    Bleeding gums are quite normal during pregnancy. Nothing on the hand, but for the certainty it is good to keep your gums healthy. This means cleaning every day with a toothpick between the teeth!

  6. Heartburn

    I know ladies who suffer so much from stomach acid during pregnancy that they can barely eat, luckily it is not too bad. Only when I have not eaten anything for a while, I feel the burn in my throat and some sour stuff comes up. Not fresh, but ah: there are worse things.

  7. Pimples

    Some pregnant ladies get a radiant and cool skin, others are just below the pimples during pregnancy. Fortunately, it falls with me and I only notice that I have more pimples on my back. My face remains fine pimple-free.

  8. Hemorrhoids

    Also this ailment is fortunately saved (yet), but hemorrhoids are a typical pregnancy sickness that you would rather not talk about. That is not strange what it is annoying enough! And if you do not get it during your pregnancy, you can get it after the delivery (by pressing).

  9. Constipation

    Constipation is terribly annoying, but this is also very common in pregnant women. As if you do not feel comfortable enough, your bowels are full: annoying! Read here some tips on constipation!

  10. Set up and swollen

    The further you get into your pregnancy, the rounder you become. Everywhere. Not only does your belly increase considerably, so you are afraid that your skin and legs are going to collapse: you also swell up in other places. Think of thick ankles, thick feet and fingers that turn into small sausages. Fortunately, this usually happens in the third quarter. Then you are almost off all the annoying and 'onsexy' pregnancy ailments that we would rather not talk about.

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