Dress up your baby in the summer, that's how you do it!

Maybe you often do not know what to do in the summer. Your baby dress up in the summer is already quite difficult. Because you do not want your baby to be too hot or too cold. With the changeable Dutch climate you never know what the day will look like. This means finding out again every day which outfit is the best. Do not worry, we'll help you get started with a few tips so that you can dress your baby in the right way at high temperatures.

Newborn baby getting dressed in the summer

A newborn baby is not able to keep itself warm in the first weeks, even in the summer. It is not that strange in itself. Your baby has 9 months in a lovely warm bath. The transition to the outside world is then quite big and here your baby has to adjust.

Dress your newborn baby well the first few days, even when it's hot outside. For example, a long-sleeved romper with a pair of shorts. Sometimes even a hat is recommended because it ensures that your baby does not lose heat through the head. If your baby is about a week old, a hat is not necessary (in the winter of course).

What do I attract my baby in warm weather?

A romper with possibly an airy layer is often enough. Think for example of an airy shirt and shorts. Is there a heat wave? Then only a romper is sufficient. Make sure that all clothes and rompers are made of cotton. This substance breathes better and absorbs moisture.

Are you going outside? Then your baby needs protection. Then put on your baby a long-sleeved romper. Also protect the head against the sun with a hat or cap. But it is better to keep your baby out of the sun. In very hot weather a hat is not good again because your baby can not lose the heat via the head. Since the weather in the Netherlands can be quite changeable, it is good to always bring a vest in case it cools down. That also applies to spring.

How warm your baby is getting in bed?

The ideal temperature of the bedroom is between 16 and 18 degrees. This is 19 degrees for newborn babies. In the summer this may not always be feasible. Try to keep the baby room as cool as possible, but make sure that you do not put your baby in the draft.

At night it can be enough to put your baby on a romper with possibly an airy pajamas and a summer sleeping bag. If a sleeping bag is too warm, you can use (cotton) sheets better. If your baby is cold again, you can put on extra clothes or take a sheet.

If you use sheets you have to make sure you lock them properly so that your baby does not come with the head underneath. Always feel the feet and the neck if they are not too hot or too cold. Finally, you can put a cotton molton around the mattress, which absorbs the moisture that your baby loses.

Rule of thumb for baby getting dressed in the summer

A very handy rule to keep in mind when you want to dress your baby in the summer is the following: pull your baby the same number of layers as yourself, plus one extra layer (especially newborn babies or when you go outside) .

This extra layer is often the romper. Do you have a shirt with a vest, then you pull your baby the same with underneath a romper. This is a general guideline and does not apply to every baby. Just like with adults, you have babies who are quick to warm and others are just chill.

More important is always to feel to your baby if he or she is warm or cold. You can do this by feeling the neck of your hand with the back of your hand. If it feels warm, then it is good. If the neck is cold, you put an extra layer of clothes on. And is the neck hot and humid? Then your baby is too hot.

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