Driving when you are pregnant? Keep this in mind!

In principle, you can simply drive during pregnancy. If you get pregnant in the car, there are a number of things that you have to take into account. It is important for you and your baby to make the ride as comfortable and safe as possible. There are also situations where it is no longer sensible to get into the car yourself. Then let someone else drive. We tell you everything you need to know about in this article driving when you are pregnant.

Driving as safely as possible during pregnancy

The amniotic fluid in your stomach ensures that the baby is well protected. Possible blows due to a collision can thus be absorbed. The amniotic fluid works as a kind of pad. You can wear a normal seat belt when you are pregnant. Make sure that the upper belt is between your breasts and above your belly and the lower belt is as low as possible under your stomach. If, for example, you suddenly have to brake, the shock of the belt is absorbed by the pelvis instead of the stomach.

You can also purchase a special pregnancy belt. You can confirm this on the seat belt. Driving when you are pregnant with a special pregnancy belt ensures that the belt stays in the right way. In addition, ensure a distance of at least 25 centimeters between your belly and the handlebars. If you get an accident, you will not get the full power of the airbag on your stomach.

In these situations, driving a car when you are pregnant is not justified

The further you are in the pregnancy, the harder it is to drive in general. In addition to the fact that the abdomen is getting in the way, you can also have a reduced concentration during pregnancy. This can result in dangerous situations.

In general, the advice is to no longer drive a car in the last month of the pregnancy. The amniotic fluid in your stomach will be less in the last month, making the baby more vulnerable.

In addition, always listen carefully to your doctor. Do you have high blood pressure, severe anemia or poorly controlled diabetes? Or do you suffer from (other) pregnancy disorders, is there a risk of preterm birth or do you have a pregnancy with a high risk of complications? In these situations, driving a car when you are pregnant is also not recommended.

A comfortable car ride during your pregnancy

Driving when you are pregnant is not always comfortable. Your stomach is in the way, you can suffer from your back and / or your pelvis and you are tired a lot faster. Make sure you set your seat as comfortable as possible and keep your back as straight as possible while driving.

In addition, it is wise to make a stopover regularly. Not only because long trips cost a lot of effort and it is nice to stretch your legs in between. Also because it is important to keep your blood circulation going, this prevents thrombosis. Something that occurs frequently during pregnancy.

Driving when you are pregnant is not recommended in the last month of your pregnancy!

Driving after the birth

Are you getting in the car after the family expansion? Then take a closer look at car insurance. Have you, for example, already taken out a passenger insurance policy? This additional insurance covers material damage, personal injury and consequential loss as medical costs incurred by the driver and passengers after an accident. Even if you are responsible for the accident yourself, or if the controller can not be held liable.

When you can drive again after the birth, of course, it differs per person. One needs a little longer to recover after the pregnancy than the other. The general advice is not to sit behind the wheel until two weeks after delivery. Have you had a caesarean section? Then it can take a little longer until you can drive again.

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