Exit the loan during pregnancy

It is no secret that children cost a lot of money. Especially if you are pregnant with your first child, the costs are high. Think of things for the baby room, pram, high chair and all baby clothes. In addition, it is also useful if you have room for a new baby at home. To top it all off, a baby takes a lot of time and effort. Can you continue to work full-time or do you have to work less? To temporarily absorb a lot of costs you can do one take out a loan during pregnancy. But is that really so wise and how does that work? You read it in this blog!

Borrow money for your child's desire?

Most people can happily become pregnant spontaneously. Or yes spontaneously ... of course a few efforts have to be made. Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are also many couples who can not become pregnant through the natural way. They must opt ​​for IVF treatment or perhaps adoption. Although a large part is reimbursed, they can still incur a lot of extra costs. You could then take out a loan in case of pregnancy to cover the costs of the treatments. Please keep in mind that it can always go wrong.

If you have succeeded, you can count on a lot of new costs for your baby from the moment your little miracle is there. Borrow money for your child's desire, but make sure you have money left for the pregnancy and your baby. Try to think about it rationally. You really do not want to have high debts before your baby is there. It will then be very difficult to get out again.

Taking out a loan in case of pregnancy: How does that work?

Why are you going to take out a loan during pregnancy? There may be several reasons, but how does that work? If you take out a loan, questions are asked about your current life situation. What is your income and that of your partner? Usually you have to provide a complete financial overview. Some lenders will also ask for your future plans. Are you going to move or change jobs, for example?

All these questions are asked to determine whether you are able to repay the loan. It is a bit about the person and institution you have before you or if you are asked about your pregnancy. Usually this is not done if you are of course sitting at the table with a mega horn. But in principle you are not asked if you are pregnant and you do not have to say it either.

Close mortgage if you are pregnant

Are you going to take out a large loan in pregnancy, such as a mortgage, it can happen that the bank asks if you are pregnant and whether you want to work less in the future.
This information is important to them because it affects your income and thus your ability to pay. And the less capacity you have, the less certain the bank is that they get their money back. A pregnancy can therefore play a role in the decision.

Are you going to renovate and make a nursery from the attic? You do not have to increase the mortgage for this, but you can also finance this renovation differently. The interest is still deductible!

Do you also want to place a dormer?

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Do you have to state in the mortgage application that you are pregnant? In principle not. You also do not have to tell you that you want to become pregnant in the future, because you never know what your situation will look like in the future. Maybe it is not possible to have children or the relationship is on the cliffs. If you are asked about your desire to have children, you can say that you have no concrete plans for this or that you simply do not know.

Can loan be refused by pregnancy?

When it comes to a mortgage, a bank may reject it for various reasons. These are:

  • You have no permanent contract.
  • You have no work.
  • Or you have too little income.
  • You and your partner divorce and you do not have a divorce agreement.
  • You have a (negative) BKR registration (note: with a lease car you also have a BKR registration!)
  • You have been independent for less than 3 years.

If you want to take out a loan in case of pregnancy, then the pregnancy itself should not be a reason to reject the loan or mortgage. Unfortunately, there are no rules for this and it is up to the bank or mortgage lender to decide what they decide.

It is very stupid but true: a bank or mortgage lender always has the right to reject an application without the reason being justified. You could in principle therefore already rejected because you have wrong shoes. A pregnancy can therefore be the reason for rejection and unfortunately there is not much you can do about it.

Borrowing money compare with pregnancy

Always ask for multiple quotations for loans and do not bet on 1 horse. Look beyond your own bank. All lenders are under the supervision of the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets) and you can also take out a loan from the less well-known credit providers without being scammed.
Some reliable providers are:

  • Frisia Financing
  • Credit group Netherlands
  • Findio
  • Ferratum, for loans up to € 1500

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