The 10 most common baby ailments

Chances are that your baby will have to deal with one or more of these most common baby ailments. Most can not hurt and will heal over time. Yet you can always be shocked. Especially if you are a brand new parent, it is always helpful when you are a little sick and suffer from a baby ailment. What often can help a lot is knowing what the problem is and what you could possibly do. That is why we answer the question in this blog which baby ailments are there and which are the most common? Below you will find an overview of ailments and disorders that you may have to deal with.

The 10 most common baby ailments

Our list of baby ailments is not complete but we have collected the most common disorders of most babies in our top 10.
Baby ailments such as colds, colic and diaper rash do not appear in this overview, but you can find them in separate blogs on our website.
Which baby ailments are there and which are common? View our top 10:

  1. Acne in babies as a baby ailment

    If your baby has just been born, he or she may suffer from acne in the first weeks. These are small pimples that are comparable to youth pimples. Baby acne arises because the hormones of the mother are still in the blood of the baby. This will disappear automatically within a few weeks. Your little one does not notice this.

  2. Constipation in babies

    Your baby may suffer from blockages in the beginning because the intestines have to get used to the diet. If you later change the diet, this can also cause blockages because your baby will switch from liquid food to solid food. You can prevent this by not changing the food too often. Do you bottle-feed? Make sure that the ratio of powder and moisture is optimal. If there is too little moisture, this can cause hard stools.

  3. Which baby ailments are there? The most common conditions in babies and symptoms

  4. Baby ailments: Diarrhea

    Diarrhea is caused by a stomach flu. Your baby will then have watery and loose stools several times a day. In diarrhea, it is important that your baby drink enough to prevent dehydration. If your baby only has diarrhea, that is no reason to worry. But does your baby also have a fever, does he or she have to vomit or keep the diarrhea for several days, then you can contact the doctor.

  5. Skin condition mountain

    Mountain is a skin condition that sits on the head skin of your child. At the mountain there are scales or scabs that look yellow and greasy. It does not look very nice, but it is not harmful to your child and goes away again.

  6. Thrush a common baby ailment

    Thrush is common in newborn babies. It is a yeast infection of the oral mucosa and can be recognized by a white tongue that can not be wiped clean. Sprue can be caused by a reduced resistance. It is also possible that the mother has or has a fungal infection and transmits it at birth or through breastfeeding. Most babies do not suffer from thrush and it usually passes by itself. If you notice that your baby is drinking less well or is very weepy, go to the doctor for your baby and you can treat yourself.

  7. One of the best known baby ailments is Eczema

    Eczema occurs in about 5 to 10% of all babies. Eczema is characterized by red, swollen spots that feel warm. These spots can be damp or dry and flaky. Eczema is usually hereditary and can be aggravated by very dry skin or clothing, certain detergents and bacteria.

    Make sure your baby is as little as possible to the spots because scratching ensures that the spots spread further. You can do this by keeping the nails of your baby short and if necessary, washcloths to do the little hands. Also try detergent and baby care that are hypo allergenic and see if this has a positive effect.

  8. Baby ailments: Reflux and spitting

    Many babies suffer from reflux. Reflux means that the sphincter muscle between the stomach and esophagus is not yet well developed. This causes some contents of the stomach to enter the esophagus and this manifests itself in vomiting. It can also happen that your baby has to cough or hurt. Your baby can spit through reflux, but it can also be that your baby has to vomit because he or she has greedily drunk and so has received a lot of air. So always make sure that your baby drinks quietly by inserting small breaks.

    Spitting or reflux is not serious and usually passes by itself. Do you notice, however, that your baby is not growing well anymore because he or she does not get enough nutrition or you see blood at the spit, so you better inform your doctor.

  9. The first teeth as baby ailment

    As a rule, babies get their first teeth when they are about 5 to 6 months old. First the lower incisors come through. You can find out if you are baby teething gets by feeling the gums. When a tooth comes through you feel a hard bump and the gums look either very pale or red and set up. Babies who get teething can drool more and rub their faces more often. In some cases it can happen that your baby is crying, getting a fever or having red cheeks. The complaints are about when the tooth has come through.

  10. Pseudococcus as a baby ailment

    Children between 6 months and 3 years old can suffer from pseudococcus. This is an inflammation of the airways caused by a virus.Because of this inflammation your child is anxious, he or she has a heavy breath and a typical barking cough. For parents this is often very scary because you feel that your child no longer gets air.

    In itself pseudococcus is quite innocent and it goes back after a few hours. Reassure your baby and take him or her on his lap. Do not try to panic yourself because then your child will also panic and that will aggravate the pseudo-group.

  11. RS virus in babies

    RS virus is a very contagious virus which is common in children and adults. In young children it starts with a cold but after a while it expands further to the airways. This will give your baby coughing through which he or she can walk red and get a wheezing. In principle, the virus simply passes. But if drinking is more difficult, it is wise to consult your doctor.

In addition to this overview with baby ailments Many babies can also suffer from colic, food allergies, diaper rash, fever, chickenpox, warts or a cold. In other blogs we will discuss this in more detail.

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