Development baby 6 months old

It's been half a year since you closed your little one in your arms for the first time. Can you believe that your baby has already grown so much in the meantime and has already developed so much ?! You no longer have to support the head all the time and your child will even have dinner at the table! Cozy! But that is still not all developments now you baby 6 months old is! Be prepared and read more about the development of the baby and our baby calendar.

In short, with a baby 6 months old

  • The first teeth will come through!
  • Your baby is constantly producing (and harder) sound by babbling loudly.
  • The baby is now also going to eat solid food.
  • Your baby can sit well.
  • Your little one is going to try to roll.

The development of your baby 6 months old

Your baby is half a year old! Congratulations! The developments are going on non-stop and your baby is already learning a lot. This way your child can sit on his own, he tries to roll and maybe he even starts with tigers. In addition, the first teeth come through and it is therefore time to start a sleeping ritual with teething brushing!

  • Getting through the first teeth

    A new milestone, babies of 6 months old get their first step! Although it is a beautiful development, it is not always one of the best. Your child may suffer from it and as a result, cry or be more suspicious. The best medicine is a lot of love for your little one. In addition, it helps to massage the gums, give your baby something cold to eat or drink and a teether. Read more about your baby's teeth here.

    As soon as the first tooth has come through, it is wise to immediately begin brushing your teeth. Yes, even if there is only one tooth in the mouth. That fragile tooth is very sensitive to holes. It is also good to work together on a good sleep ritual and that includes brushing teeth. Read here how you can brush the teeth of your baby.

  • Lots of babbling and producing sounds

    Is your baby happily babbling and screaming in the box? That is very normal if your baby is 6 months old. Your baby is now discovering more and more that he can also produce sounds with different pitches. This can sometimes go pretty hard.

  • More and more understand

    What is really nice is that your baby will increasingly understand what you are saying. If you ask where a particular hug is, chances are that your baby will look around. This also means that your baby will know more and more whether you are angry, sad or happy.

    In addition, your baby learns that when he cries, he can get something done. From now on it is therefore important to set clear limits. So try to quickly find out if your baby is crying because he is sad, hungry or dirty, or that nothing is wrong. For example, if your baby starts to cry when you stop playing a game, it does not have much meaning and you do not have to pay any attention to it.

  • Motor development baby 6 months old

    Now that your baby is 6 months old, he is getting stronger and can keep his head up well. If your baby is lying on a rug, it may be that he or she is already trying to move forward. Try to stimulate this by placing a favorite toy a bit further away.

    Your child can now also distinguish between different toys and even have a preference. If you ask your child where a particular toy is, then it may be that your child is going to look for it immediately. If you keep something for your child, your child can now address this. Your baby will also roll over more and more.

  • Baby sit for 6 months

    Last month your baby probably had to practice a lot with sitting up and he often fell over. If all goes well, sitting down is much better and your baby can keep the head upright.

  • Baby eat 6 months

    In principle you can start with the practice snacks from the 4 months. If your baby is 6 months old, you really have to start with it. You can give these exercise snacks in addition to normal breastfeeding or bottle feeding. So it is a bonus and aims to get your baby used to other food structures and other tastes. Give your baby time for this and do not force your child to feed. Always start with the vegetables and offer it every night. Keep this a few days full and see how your child reacts to this. You can also give the exercise snacks with the Rapley method.

  • Sleep with a baby of 6 months old

    Babies 6 months old usually sleep reasonably well at night. Usually around 8 to 9 o'clock. From now on, start with a sleep ritual, such as reading a book. Choose a booklet with lots of pictures and little text.

    During the day your baby sleeps approximately 2 to 3 times about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. These sleeping arrangements are usually divided between the morning and the afternoon. It may be that your baby needs more sleep, then put him in bed. If your baby does not want to sleep, then put him in bed to let him rest. Read more about your baby's sleep rhythm here.

  • Baby 6 month old toys

    Since a baby of 6 months old has undergone many motor developments, you can also give some other toys. So your baby can now grab and hold things. In addition, your child now loves to make a lot of noise. The more noise the better.

    With a rattle you certainly have success. Also start reading booklets together. Then choose books with little text and lots of pictures. By repeating a lot you can work on the language development of your baby.Other fun toys: beeps, soft books, rags with various structures, soft blocks, mirrors, drums, boxes with which they can rattle, books or a rug with relief, balls and activity-center.

How are mom, dad or parents?

Is there a regular spot in your shirt, does the dishes sometimes pile up and is the house a bit of a mess? This is very normal and nothing at all to be ashamed of yourself. There are few parents who have the business perfectly in order and that is fine too. Set priorities and do as much as you can. You can not do more than your best. Do you notice that it is too much for you? Maybe your parents or friends want to help you!


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Tips of the month with a baby 6 months old

  • Try to stimulate crawling and motor development as much as possible. Put your baby on a pillow or a fitness ball and hold your baby by the hips. Then move your baby forward and backward. This way your baby learns to keep the body well. Encourage crawling also by placing objects a bit further for your child.
  • Start clearly indicating your limits now. Let your baby know if he or she is doing something that is not allowed. Your baby can now hear your intonation whether you are angry or happy. On the other hand, you can now clearly reward your baby if he does something right.
  • Start with a good sleeping ritual such as brushing teeth (if they are already there) and reading a book.

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