Baby Spa in the Netherlands: A day of wellness with baby!

Infants, toddlers and preschoolers have a lot of stimuli to deal with during the day. It is important that these stimuli are well processed, otherwise it can end to crying, bad sleep and passion. A good way to let your baby relax? Go cozy saunas to one Baby Spa in the Netherlands.

Wellness day with your baby!

Now that you have a small baby, you can no longer do the days in the sauna with your friends. But you can visit a Baby Spa in the Netherlands, such as Joli Bébé Baby Spa and Wellness in Montfoort near Utrecht.
In Asia Baby Spas are already a true phenomenon. Since some time it has spread to Europe and now it is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands.

A day of wellness with your baby is very nice for your little one, for you and for your mutual bond. Do not forget to take Daddy with you. Your baby can enjoy his or her first wellness day from two weeks old. A Baby Spa is especially for young babies up to about half a year.
During the day of wellness your baby can relax and frolic in a bath of 35 ° C while the head is kept clean above water with the help of floating rings or a swim ring. Your baby will really enjoy this! In addition, you can let your baby enjoy extra by giving him or her a baby massage.

Benefits of a Baby Spa

A day at a Baby Spa in the Netherlands has several advantages. First of all it is a fun outing with your baby, of which you already know in advance that your baby is going to love it (and so are you). Secondly, it can help your baby to relax and bob around. In addition, there are many other advantages:

  • So it is good for muscle development because your baby can move freely
  • It stimulates the sleep rhythm and can help to calm troubled babies
  • It is good for the mutual bond between you and your baby
  • It can relieve certain baby ailments such as colic or reflux
  • Is good for breathing

Baby Spa in the Netherlands in Montfoort

About a year ago you could not go to a Baby Spa in the Netherlands, but now this has changed. For example, since March 2018 there has been a Baby Spa in Montfoort, called Joli Bébé Baby Spa and Wellness.
At Joli Bébé you can enjoy your baby from 0 to 6 months in one of the whirlpool baths. The water is clear and clean, without chemicals. It also has a nice temperature of 35 ° C. Two sessions at a time are possible.

The nice thing about Joli Bébé is that you can pamper your baby after the bath by giving yourself a relaxing massage under professional supervision. So you learn on the spot how you can do this. Giving such a massage is very good for your mutual bond.

There are several options for which you can choose. For example a lovely bath for your baby with massage or without massage. You can make an appointment online for the weekdays. An appointment on request is also possible on weekends and evenings! A session lasts about an hour, including hydrotherapy (the bath) and massage.
The first time your baby baths, he or she will probably have to get used to it. The more often you go, the longer your baby can enjoy. For only the hydrotherapy you can go there for only € 45, -.

Treat yourself too!

At Joli BéBé not only babies from 0 to 6 months can go. Saskia van de Baby Spa in the Netherlands can also give pregnant ladies a wonderful massage. This pregnancy massage improves blood circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system through which oxygen, waste and nutrients are better transported in your body. In addition, there are many other benefits of the pregnancy massage.

Buying a baby spa?

Do not have time to visit a Baby Spa in the Netherlands, but do you (and your baby) want to benefit from the benefits of a relaxing bath? It is possible to buy a Baby Spa bath. This is a bath that has the right size for a wonderful session. It sounds great, but for a really good baby spa bath you have to go abroad and you quickly lose € 999.

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