Tessa writes: Countdown in days

Wonderful morning. Breakfast at the kitchen table, looking out with the dogs that are still sleeping peacefully. Outside it is now a beautiful white world, the first snow has fallen this week. And with temperatures of a few degrees below the freezing point, a clear blue sky and also beautiful walking weather.

Two busy weeks behind us with studying and we have even been away for two days to another province here in Sweden. This could even be our possible new home. But if that is certain then it will be in my next blog.

But certainly something we think about, moving with a baby that is only a few months old, in a country where you are only just now. Not insurmountable but it does bring a healthy tension with it. Another new adventure, but as far as work is concerned, it is essential that we will soon be given the responsibility for a new life.

The past year did not always go smoothly. In terms of work it was different quickly but luckily that was quickly compensated by other jobs for my husband. No fixed hours, but it did yield some money. This is our second rental house in 9 months now, small but nice. We are wonderfully warm by the wood stove in the evening and it offers us just enough space.

Being happy with what you have is something we have learned here.

In the Netherlands I had a permanent contract as a lab technician, which provided me with a nice salary with 3 days of work per week. My husband worked full-time as a mover, so there was certainly room for trips, coffee in the city, eating out and other things.
The pubs and restaurants are hard to find here. You also tend to spend more time at home, around the house or in your immediate environment. For example, you can not just 'just' go to McDonald's with your child. We have to drive more than an hour and that will be combined if we have to go to the city for other things.

Things that are so obvious in the Netherlands, you simply have to make more effort. And effort costs time and money. But what are you doing here?
We walk every day for at least an hour with the dogs, the camera and take beautiful pictures. That makes us more than happy, wonderful to be outside. Of course we like to eat or drink somewhere else. But let it be at most once every two months that we really visit the city.
We do well: a delicious cup of coffee or tea with a huge delicious pastry! In this way we enjoy more of the things that we now call 'luxury' but that belonged to your standard weekend in the Netherlands.

Countdown in days

The control at the midwife went fine again, our girl grows as it should and with me everything is 'fine' in order, haha. I did put on the flu vaccination on advice from her yesterday, something that I normally would not have done but because our daughter is born in the middle of the Swedish winter I do not take any risks.

Today I am exactly 34 weeks pregnant and instead of months, or weeks, the days are now countable until the due date: only 42 days!
What is that time fast and we can not wait for our daughter, how will she look like for example. I am also curious about the delivery, how will it go, how much pain does it actually do? Recently I meditate, also with a view to making the pain more tolerable. I wonder if I can apply it during the delivery and if I benefit from it.

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you do not, you'll never, ever have enough
- Oprah Winfrey

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