On vacation with the baby

With a baby you really do not have to stay home all year round. You can just fine on vacation with the baby. With a good preparation you make the trip comfortable for your baby and of course for yourself! See below our tips for a holiday with the baby. We will also give you a handy baby checklist of things that you can take with you anyway. Happy Holidays!

On holiday with baby checklist

A checklist is always very useful when you go on vacation. Even if you do not have children. But if you have a child, you have to take a lot more on vacation with baby. That is why we have a handy checklist for you. What you should take with you on vacation with baby:

  • Enough clothes:

    7 Rompers, short and long pants, 7 T-shirts, sweater, sun hats and sunglasses;

  • Care products:

    Diapers (1 suit is enough, the rest you buy there), small bottles of shampoo and soap-free wash gel, bill towels;

  • Food:

    2 bottles and 2 bottle pens, enough bottle feeding (especially when you are going to make a trip in the plane or car);

  • Transport and protection:

    Pushchair, parasol and sunshade;

  • For in the pool:


  • Sun protection:

    Sunburn for children, anti-midge oil;

  • Play: Dress to play on, favorite stuffed animal, toys.

The above is only a small list of what you have to take with you on a holiday with the baby.

Flying with baby

If you are flying with a baby younger than 2 years, the baby will travel for free and no seat will be reserved for the little one. So you have to keep your baby with you. Make sure your baby has comfortable and airy clothing. In addition, it is good to work with layers of clothing so that you can easily adjust to the changing temperatures.

Tip: Most airlines have cribs on board where you can place the baby. The cradle is directly in front of your chair and is attached to the wall. Ask for it at check-in for your flight.

Tip for the plane: Make sure your baby has enough to drink. This can help against the pain in the ears. So take extra bottle food or water with you. Please note that you can only take 100 ml of liquid with the security checks at the airport. You can always get bottled water on board or in the customs area.

Baby food may often be in a larger volume. In addition, make sure that you bring diapers, drinking cups, wipes, food (baby food, milk powder), spit cloth, bib, teat, washcloth, spoon and a sleeping bag in the hand luggage!

Flight holiday with baby

Babies up to 2 years are usually allowed to go on the plane for free. Always check the conditions of the relevant airline company so that you know exactly what to expect.
Are you flying intercontinental? Then you have to deal with different time zones. A good rhythm is very important for babies. Therefore adjust the rhythm immediately upon arrival. You do not have to do this before. Usually babies need about 3 days to adapt to a different time zone.

Checklist holiday with the baby in the car

Are you going on holiday with the baby on holiday? For this too, good preparation is half the work. Especially when you have to sit in the car for several hours, it is important that you have the right stuff with you. Below some tips and a checklist for a car holiday with baby:

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