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The question many new parents ask themselves is: what is now the best baby monitor? To be very honest here is not an immediate answer. There are different types of baby monitors. For example, baby monitors with only sound, with sound and vision or internet baby monitors. The question is therefore more important to yourself. In addition, your budget naturally also plays a major role.

Do you not see the forest through the trees anymore? Read this blog. I did some research on the baby monitors for 2018. You can read what you can look for if you are looking for a baby monitor and what the best baby monitor can be for you. My top 5 of baby monitors is at the bottom of the article.

What is the most important of a baby monitor?

The most important thing about a baby monitor is sound. It is better to buy a baby monitor with only sound than with image alone, because the sound lets you know immediately when your baby is crying. When you are going to buy a baby monitor it is good to first determine whether the sound is good.

Another important aspect of the baby monitor should be: is it reliable and do you as a parent have confidence in the device? The quality therefore plays a major role in this.

Benefits of baby monitor with picture

A camera baby monitor can definitely add value. But please note that the image quality is good. There are enough baby monitors available where the images are grainy and of poor quality. So you do not see anything in principle. The benefit of a baby monitor with image or camera baby monitor is that you can always see what your baby or child is doing. When your baby cries you can see if he or she really cries or only makes sounds in sleep.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a baby monitor?

Below are some tips that you can look out for when looking for the best baby monitor:

  1. Sound quality:

    First you have to check whether the quality of the sound is good. This is the most important thing about the baby monitor.

  2. Range:

    Secondly, the range of the baby monitor is very important, because you want to be able to hear your baby anywhere in the house. The problem is that you can not always rely on what manufacturers put on the packaging. For example, if it says: range of 300 meters, it may occur that they have measured this in an open field with no obstacles. So here you have nothing at all, because houses have many obstacles such as walls and floors. A rule of thumb to determine this is: take the open air range and share that 6. Do you buy a baby monitor with a camera? Then be extra alert on the range. Usually the range of sound baby monitors is better. The range of internet baby monitors is best because Wi-Fi is used.

  3. Brightness:

    By this we mean the clarity of the image (if you also want images) and the sound. Make sure you do not buy a baby monitor that is too sensitive to sound, because then you can hear everything and that can be annoying.

  4. Frequency or wifi:

    Each baby monitor has a frequency that sends the sound and image to a loudspeaker (base station or parent station). You can compare it with a radio. Just like a radio, the frequency can be sensitive to disturbances such as walls or other devices. The baby monitor must therefore be able to withstand this.

    You also have baby monitors that send the sound and images over the internet. You can also view the images on your tablet or smartphone so you do not need a parent station. This is still fairly new and still in full development, but promising. The range is in any case unlimited and therefore many times better than the standard baby monitors.

Convenient extra function of the baby monitor

The following functions are not necessary, but very useful.

  • VOX voice activation mode:

    The VOX mode ensures that the baby monitor only comes on when the baby makes a sound or movement. This ensures that you do not hear the noise of the baby monitor all night and the mode is also energy-saving.

  • Night vision and zoom in:

    If you want a baby monitor with a picture, night vision and a zoom function are very useful.

Best baby monitors according to the consumer union

In September 2016 the consumer union tested baby monitors for the last time. The main focus was on: range, clarity of image & sound, user-friendliness and extras. Below you will find the results. The first two baby monitors are the best baby monitors according to the consumer association, these are also better than the camera baby monitors.

  1. Best baby monitor:

    The best baby monitor is the Philips Avent SCD560 and got a 7.7 as a figure. This baby monitor stands head and shoulders above the other baby monitors. The price is also excellent from 69 euros. This baby monitor is only with sound.

  2. Best buy baby monitor:

    The best buy is BabyPark's own brand baby monitor: The BP88 baby park. This baby monitor got a 7.3 and has a nice price. This baby monitor is also only with sound.

  3. Best baby monitor with camera:

    In 2016, all baby monitors with image and sound scored below 6. In terms of quality, there are certainly points for improvement in comparison with the sound baby monitors. Do you still want a baby monitor with camera then the Luvion Essential the best.

  4. Best smartphone baby monitor:

    The best smartphone baby monitor is the Philips AVENT SCD860. With this baby monitor you always have good connection. The only drawback is the price. For the baby monitor you have to deposit no less than € 185, -.

Best baby monitor 2018

The consumer association has not done a new test round in 2018, but the results of 2017 are probably still pretty accurate.To help you a bit on the way, we have a top 5 of the most sold baby monitors currently collected at the online stores for you:

  1. Philips Avent SCD560 DECT: Best tested according to the consumer association in 2016. And still a lot sold. 126 reviews from customers with no less than 5 stars! Price: € 77.99
  2. Alecto DBX-85 ECO DECT: This baby monitor is also rated best by customers of picky in April 2017. Price: € 39.99
  3. Luvion Essential: baby monitor with camera, 651 reviews and 4.5 stars. Then you are sure that you are the best baby monitor with camera have found! Price: € 149, -
  4. Luvion Easy: Cheaper than number 3 and slightly less possibilities. But still 4.5 stars out of 450 reviews! Also by the customers of Kieskeurig. Price: € 89, -
  5. Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT: Cheap baby monitor with sound. 110 reviews and no less than 4 stars from parents. Price: € 65, -

The brands in this top 5 are also the three best brands that develop baby monitors.

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