Tips to teach your baby to eat fruit and vegetables

Although diets and diet gurus grow up like mushrooms all around us, we continue to struggle with obesity in the Netherlands. This also applies to our children. A major cause of this is wrong and bad food and in particular a shortage of fruit and vegetables. Do you want your child not to go out for vegetables and do you want to contribute to his health? Then start with you in time learn to eat baby vegetables and fruits. Read our tips here!

Learning to eat fruit and fruit from fruit? Start with yourself!

Let's start at the beginning and that is: the pregnancy. Indeed, during pregnancy you can make a small contribution to your child's taste. Around the 12th week of pregnancy, your baby has developed taste buds and he or she can taste what you have eaten. Your little fetus is even going to develop preferences for certain foods. A great time to let your child get acquainted with fruit and vegetables. This also applies to when you are breastfeeding.

When to start with fruit juice?

When your baby is between 4 and 6 months old you can start with the exercise snacks. In the first weeks, this is only 1 or 2 tablespoons of mashed or mashed fruit and vegetables per day. First start with the vegetables and then with the fruit as your child will soon have a preference for fruit (is sweeter).

Try to vary considerably from the beginning so that your baby gets to know all tastes. Choose one type of vegetable or fruit per meal. For the first snacks, the following vegetables are often a success: cauliflower, carrots or pumpkin.

Vegetable snack baby make yourself

When you give the first snacks it is tempting to buy ready-made fruit snacks or vegetable snacks in the supermarket, but that is actually a waste of money. In addition, it is nice to involve your baby in the preparation of the vegetable. Especially when your child is older, you can start working together in the kitchen while you explain, for example, where the vegetables grow. This gives you an interest and makes eating vegetables a lot more fun!

Incidentally, preparing a vegetable snack is really 'peanuts'. You just have to boil it al dente and then to crack or puree. Herbs and other flavoring additives are not necessary yet!

Meal box for children from 4 months

Do you find it difficult to always think of what you can give your baby or toddler for types of vegetables? Or are you afraid that you might not be doing well? Or do you have little time to put a nutritious meal on the table?

Then there is now a great solution for you: SPROUT. This is a meal box with freshly prepared meals, especially for children from 4 months. This meal box is aimed at introducing children to all kinds of different flavors of vegetables. Super convenient and also delivered to your home!
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Smart tips to make eating fruit and vegetables fun

The most important thing is to start on time with your baby vegetables and learn to eat fruit. So immediately from the first practice snacks. Even if you do not like it yourself, make it for that little one! In addition, the following tips can help you to learn how to eat your baby fruit and vegetables:

  1. Do not start with the exercise snacks until your baby is ready for this. He or she looks the food out of your mouth, starts smacking and is clearly interested.
  2. Eat your own fruit and vegetables and show your child clearly that you are doing this. Follow good example!
  3. Also give fruit and vegetables as a snack and try to avoid sweets as much as possible.
  4. Do not give up after one time, your baby really needs to get used to fruit and vegetables. So keep repeating, sometimes you can leave a few days here. Does the snack end up on the floor after the 10th time? Then it is probably not a success.
  5. Do not force. If your baby resolutely keeps the mouth closed, it is not wise to still put the spoon in the mouth. That only creates more resistance.
  6. Make it attractive by making the fruit and vegetables nice to make on the plate, play with colors and shapes like a face.
  7. Let your baby choose between different vegetables.
  8. Let your baby eat for yourself, this is possible once your baby is 6 months old. Your baby will then be more concerned with eating and exercising with the coordination than he or she realizes what goes into the mouth. You can give the best bits of vegetables or fruit that you cut as big as the fist of your child. Be careful with choking or suffocation and avoid small tomatoes or grapes.

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