Save on the fixed costs of your family

You know that it does not really take much effort to make money in a good way save on fixed costs? Even if you do not even need it, it is a shame if you pay too much unnecessarily. With a few simple actions you save a few hundred euros a month and that gives a great feeling! Never pay too much again and read our tips to save on fixed costs.

Save on fixed costs

Fixed costs are the costs that come back every month. Examples are insurance, groceries, subscriptions, car costs, energy costs, internet, mobile phone, municipal taxes and clothing. If you want to save, you can best start with the fixed costs. If you handle it well, you can quickly save hundreds of euros per year on fixed costs. Often it goes with small quantities. Like a decade here and a decade there. In the end it will certainly be worth it! So sit down for an hour and you make yourself and your family a real pleasure.

Save on groceries

You can save a lot of costs by paying attention to the offers when shopping. All supermarkets stunt regularly with prizes. As a result, there is always something you always buy in the offer. Think of detergent, cleaning products, toilet paper, diapers, shampoo and so on.

Is your favorite product on offer, then immediately skip big so you can go forward. If you consistently use offers, you can quickly save a few hundred euros a year. Set yourself the rule that you never buy certain products if they are not in the offer.

Also a good way to save. Switch to B brands or house brands. Sometimes private labels and A brands come from the same factory and are therefore almost of the same quality. Also products from cheaper supermarkets such as the Lidl are often of excellent quality. In fact, the dishwasher tablets of the Lidl were voted the best dishwasher tablets last year by the Dutch Consumers Association.

Save on insurance

We can ensure almost everything around us. Sometimes we do not even know what insurance policies we have. Sad, because you can also save a lot with insurance. First, list which insurance policies you have and with which insurance company.

What is also good is to view what you have now insured. Have you not insured too much, for example? It often happens that people are insured. This applies in particular to travel insurance.

A golden tip is: only insure what you can not afford!

You do not have to insure yourself for small things, because often the amount of damage is small. You can pay for that yourself. And that way you save ten euros per month.
Do you have good teeth and almost never have a hole? Then an additional dental insurance is not required. Calculate at all if you really save costs by insuring it.

Tips for saving on the fixed costs of insurance:

  • Prevent double coverage. Some travel insurance policies also cover medical costs, but medical expenses in Europe are already covered by your basic insurance.
  • Go compare the car insurance every year. Often cheap car insurance is just as good as the more expensive variants. With older cars, it is not interesting to choose an all-risk insurance policy.
  • See if you need a breakdown assistance insurance. If you buy a new car, you have a guarantee and a roadside assistance insurance is not necessary.
  • Are you almost never sick or do you have no physical defects? Then increase your own risk with health insurance. You will then receive a discount on the premium, which means you pay less per month.

Always compare insurance policies

Whether it is your health insurance or car insurance. It really pays to compare insurance policies every year and switch to the cheapest insurance. There are comparison websites that can calculate which insurance is most beneficial for your family in a few simple steps.
Switching is arranged in a few mouse clicks. Take a moment here and you can easily save on fixed costs.

Save on gas and light

Saving on gas and light is very easy due to a few minor adjustments. You can start very simply by reducing your energy consumption. Turn the heating a bit lower and completely off at night. There are also smart thermostats nowadays that help you save energy. Other ways to save on energy costs is to take a shorter shower, be careful with the hot tap and always close the doors properly.

Do you have some money to spend so you can save on fixed costs?
Invest in good insulation of your house, double glazing, a solar water heater, wood stove and LED lighting. Is your house well in the sun, then you can also have solar panels installed. If you buy new equipment, always opt for energy-efficient equipment.

Compare energy suppliers

You can easily compare suppliers of energy online. Energy suppliers want new customers and therefore often offer attractive offers to switch. If you want to save money easily, see where you are cheaper!

It is a shame that people often stay with the same energy supplier for a long time. Your current supplier will not give its existing customers a nice discount soon. But new customers do! In the meantime, as a loyal customer, you will pay more if your energy contract is over than less. Switching is not difficult and is usually arranged for you.

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