Placenta at the front or back?

This is the first pregnancy for me. At the moment I do not really understand anything. Everything is new and unknown. I heard that during an ultrasound placenta at the front lay. "Okay fine," I thought. Only when I mentioned it to other ladies, it turned out that a placenta at the front is not as 'fine' as I thought. Do not get me wrong: there are no dangerous consequences at all, but there are disadvantages. Where was your placenta and what are your experiences?

Growth of the placenta

The placenta is a very crucial part of your pregnancy. For example, the placenta provides your baby with food, oxygen and works as a sort of filter to keep harmful substances away from your baby as much as possible. (Your uterus is not equal to smoking and alcohol, by the way.) The placenta grows with your baby and gradually becomes slightly larger. For example, it may happen that your placenta is at the bottom of the uterus at the beginning of your pregnancy and later has grown slightly upwards. However, your placenta can never move.

In most cases, the placenta is located at the back of the uterus. That is the side of your back. But it may be that the placenta is on the side or at the front, as is the case with me.

Placenta at the front risks

If your placenta is on the front, it is not dangerous. If you have a so-called 'present placenta', it can have consequences. Those terms 'placenta at the front' and 'the present placenta' are sometimes used interchangeably, while there is indeed a big difference. If the placenta is on the front, your placenta is just in front. So an extra padding. Nothing wrong.

A preceding placenta means that the placenta lies in front of the birth canal (the outlet of the uterus) and that is not convenient during delivery. You will probably get a caesarean section.

Placenta front, advantage?

What I understand is that it is 'more fun' (so to speak) to have your placenta behind. Or on the side. But at least not in the front. At first I thought it was an advantage, because I would have less trouble with a kicking baby by the end of the pregnancy.

I forgot a little that it hurts especially when your baby kicks your ribs, and you can not relieve your placenta very much. The only real advantage is, if I have a head-on collision, I have an extra protective cushion for my baby. What is actually quite valuable is actually ...

Disadvantages of placenta at the front

A disadvantage of a placenta on the front is that your baby feels less quickly and less well. Now it is very different per woman when you can feel your baby. I felt our daughter around the 21 weeks of pregnancy. Now I do not know better than that this is normal. So I start from what other women told me, and they indicated that they clearly felt their baby later when the placenta was at the front. Your baby has to kick a little harder.

In addition, it is also less tangible and visible on the outside. In the last trimester you will see your baby moving more and more. You can even grab a foot or notice that the butt is against the front. Awesome. But yes, not for me, because if your placenta is in the front, then he lies between the baby and your belly and you can not grab a foot. Pity actually ...

Another disadvantage: during the ultrasound it can be difficult to get a good picture of your baby. There is a large placenta. Not convenient! Although I have to say that my echoes (12 weeks, 16 weeks and 20 weeks) my baby was just in the picture.

When baby feel on the outside?

A question to the experienced mothers who also had their placenta at the front: When did you feel the baby on the outside? At this moment I am 24 weeks pregnant. I can feel my daughter from the outside when she is kicking at the bottom of my stomach. But on my stomach I still feel almost nothing.

When will I feel it there? I will probably have to be patient again. And my husband, by the way, because she has not felt it at all yet. We wait and see!

Where was your placenta?

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