Crying baby. That's how you deal with it!

It can happen to anyone: a crying baby. In the Netherlands, about 15% of all babies have extreme crying episodes. In general, no obvious causes are known, so you can not do anything about it. The last thing you have to do is to doubt your self. And the most important thing is that you remind yourself daily that it is about.

Even though it may seem like an eternity, every day is an endless struggle: this period is also over. Keep up and keep your child too. Later, you might even be joking about it if your child has grown up! I give you tips that can help calm down your crying baby and how you can deal with it.

Tips to reduce the baby's crying

The tips below can help to reduce the cry of your baby. Moreover, these tips help all babies.

  • First try to find out if there are any medical causes behind the cry, such as reflux, intestinal cramps, sprue et cetera. So go with your baby to the doctor first;
  • Walk around with your baby in a baby carrier. Skin contact and rocking can be calming;
  • Go for a drive with your baby;
  • Try out an electric rocking chair, this swing moves automatically and makes a soothing sound;
  • Take your baby in the bath, the warmth of the water is calming for your baby and for you. This also works well if your baby suffers from colic.
  • Rock your baby gently back and forth with the belly on your forearm or try this technique from an American doctor to stop the crying of the baby;
  • Walk a lot with your baby, the outside air can do well (not just for the baby);
  • Bring rest and regularity into the pattern of your baby. So eat every day at the same times, bring your baby to bed at a certain time and choose a moment for a bath. Keep this schedule on despite the fact that your baby is not working. Rest and regularity is very important in babies.

Swaddle your baby

What can help very well with a crying baby is swaddling. Here you wrap your baby completely with a large cloth so your baby can move less. That way your baby is less distracted and he or she does not wake up all the time. This will make your baby sleep more and hopefully the crying will also decrease.

Dealing with a crying baby: Tips for you and your partner

If you want to ensure that you do not become overstrained or go crazy, then it is essential that you keep thinking about yourself.

  • Do not forget that you have a partner who can also carry the load, make appointments and alternate, during the day and at night;
  • If it is possible: just bring your baby to your parents or other people who can be careful. So you can sleep in yourself;
  • Continue to take good care of yourself by eating healthy, keeping moving (like walking with your child) and try to sleep as often as possible. The latter will be difficult, but it is important. If your baby is asleep, you better also lie down.
  • Keep doing nice things with your partner and try to fly each other as little as possible even if you sometimes get crazy at home. You need each other precisely in this situation. Talk about it, also with others.

Read more about the symptoms of a crying baby in the next article. When there is a cry baby and what the causes are?

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