Why the third trimester is fun!

They sometimes say that the third trimester may be the least enjoyable trimester. Those last steps seem to weigh heavily and that means people literally and figuratively. You feel lomper and getting bigger with the week and everything becomes a lot more uncomfortable. But does this really make such a hell the entire last trimester? I think there are many nice things to do in the third quarter! Read along!

The beautiful last steps

Very slowly my impatience starts to make way for the realization that it really only takes 6 weeks before I am a mother. I'm just almost shocked! Only 6 weeks and I can meet my little girl. And maybe, maybe before! Or later ... In any case: it really does not last that long and I'm still looking forward to it. But sometimes, sometimes I realize (as far as I can) that my whole life will change radically.

Nothing, but nothing will be the same. And I find that quite exciting. On the one hand I am very ready for it, on the other hand I do not know what to expect. Only that healthy tension makes it a lot nicer for me. It is not just a wait, it is also a joy to yourself and know that the moment that you will meet your child, is really more and more within reach.

Of course, there are some more inconveniences now. My husband must help me with my shoes and sometimes he has the role as a tow truck because otherwise I can not get up from the bank. In addition, the sleep is no longer so optimal, which ensures that I am anything but a ray of sunshine on some days. Those are the lesser things, but in my eyes they do not outweigh all the other beautiful last bits and nice things of the third quarter.

What makes the third trimester so nice

Read the points below and forget the nasty physical discomforts. Enjoy the last few steps together with me!

    1. You can really go shopping now

      In the third trimester you really have the permit to go shopping for baby clothes and stuff. Grab the baby list and see which clothes you still need. Do you also have enough diapers, baby wipes and hydrophilic cloths? Fully load that (virtual) shopping cart! And if you have the clothes and stuff inside, you can go rummaging around in the nursery and organize everything.

    2. The waiting is really almost over

      If you now make a countdown calendar, you are no longer in numbers with a hundred, but you can really count down. Waiting does not take that long anymore! Delicious right ?! Before you know it, your impatience will be replaced by mild panic and tension. So enjoy your relaxed days!

    3. Extra enjoyment of me and we time

      With all the nice things that come to an end, you can really appreciate the last moments. Like the last days of your holiday or the last hours of a great party. As soon as you realize that it is almost over, you will enjoy an extra amount in one go. The same applies to those last moments that you still have for yourself or the moments that you still have with your partner. In any case: if this is your first child.

      I can now really enjoy a few hours of watching my favorite series (without guilt) because I know that this will soon be a thing of the past. Also I have planned 2 dinners for the coming weeks with my love, because we will soon forget that.

    4. Everyone sees that you are pregnant

      In the first trimester you can not wait until your pregnancy belly is visible once. In the second trimester you sometimes see people doubting whether you have become more full or are pregnant. But in the third trimester it is really clear that you have a baby in your stomach. No doubt about it. No reason to stop showing off your tummy, even if you experience some discomfort.

  1. The baby shower !!

    Something that I am really looking forward to is the baby shower! In the past (when I had no children yet) I found it terrible to go to babyshowers. Now I can not wait until I too are being showered with cute gifts for my dear girl. And the food. I am especially looking forward to all the tasty snacks and cakes. Hmmmm.

  2. Preferential treatments

    Now that it is obvious that you are pregnant, you get more and more preferential treatments. Especially if your belly has a large size. So enjoy it and let people stand up for you in public transport. Let your family walk extra for you for that second piece of cake and let your partner vacuum once. Now it is possible! What I like so much are all those nice smiles I get from strange people on the street. So nice!

  3. Watch series without guilt

    I love to sometimes watch a lovely women's series for a few hours in a row. Normally I feel a bit guilty myself, because I always have to do something that I'm actually delaying. But now I think I have every right to it, especially if my maternity leave is started soon!

  4. Maternity leave!

    In the third trimester you also have your maternity leave! Delicious right ?! Watch series, play extra with your children, do your shopping whenever you want, have lunch whenever you feel like it, sunbathe carefree and be free. At least: if you have no other children walking around. I am also going to use my maternity leave to do some chores that I have been lying around for a long time. Like making a photo album of our holidays, organizing the e-mails in my mailbox once and that sort of thing.

  5. Closer to your child

    In the third trimester you feel your child the most. Not only the shovels and pokes, but also the sliding through your belly. Sometimes not very pleasant (like at night) but usually quite nice and reassuring. You also get more checks in the last few months so you can hear or see your baby more often. And all this brings you closer to your child.

Do you also enjoy the last few steps?

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