39 Weeks pregnant

Do you feel incredibly big? That can be very good. Now you 39 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as a watermelon! Still very briefly continue, the moment you can take your child in your arms is really close. Your child is also ready and is already waiting at the cervix. The only one who has to be ready for the delivery is your own body.

Annoyances and impatient

That you are not exactly a ray of sunshine at this moment is not bad at all. You are probably a bit done with it. So warn everyone that you are irritated a little faster. In addition, it is quite normal that you feel extra tired and more forgetful. Try to get as much rest as possible.

Although you probably can not wait for your birth, this moment of rest is very valuable. Perhaps more valuable than you think now. After you gracefully it is really done with the rest and you will have few moments for yourself. Some mothers even think back to this moment with some sadness when they were still 39 weeks pregnant!

39 Weeks pregnant: whiter skin

The skin of your baby changes a bit of color now that you are 39 weeks pregnant. First of all, the skin was transparent, then it became pink because more blood came through and now the skin is becoming whiter. This white layer is mainly caused by the growing layer of fat.

Incidentally, all babies born are still reasonably white or white. The pigment has not yet been developed. If you have been tingled yourself, you can still get a white baby. But do not worry, the skin will quickly get a different color.

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Your body is almost ready for it

You are already 39 weeks pregnant and that means that your body is preparing more and more for the delivery. Your abdomen will often contract, you are sick, you have diarrhea or you lose the mucus plug. It is not surprising that with each contraction you think (or hope) that the birth now finally begins. Before you panic every time, it is good to read how you can recognize real contractions.

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