How do you notice that you are pregnant?

You do not always know immediately whether you are pregnant or not. Sometimes you want to know immediately, but you have to wait a while before you can do a pregnancy test. And on the other hand, it may happen that you suspect you are pregnant, when it was not really planned. When are you pregnant? And how do you notice that you are pregnant, before you can determine this with a test? Read the answer here!

Do you notice immediately that you are pregnant?

When do you notice that you are pregnant? That is actually different for every woman. Perhaps you have heard the stories yourself. The stories of women who knew immediately after having sex that they were fertilized. Or perhaps the stories of women who only found out that they were pregnant after a few months. There are actually no clear first signs that immediately after fertilization indicate that you are pregnant. There are, however, various symptoms that you could conclude that you are pregnant, but you usually do not notice that immediately the day after conception.

The first symptoms come after a week or two weeks. For example extreme fatigue or sensitive breasts. The problem with these symptoms is that they can also have other causes. You can also get sensitive breasts before you have to have your period. And when are not we tired one very time ?!

If you really want to get pregnant, it can sometimes be very difficult. You want so badly that you soon start thinking that you are pregnant and your body starts to fool you. This is also called false pregnancy. Therefore, try to remain objective and less obsessive. To be sure you will have to wait about 2 weeks, you can do a pregnancy test.

How do you know if you are pregnant without a test

To be sure that you are pregnant, there is only one thing: buy a pregnancy test. But there is another signal that can indicate that you are pregnant and that is the absence of your period. For many women, this is even the first clear signal. This applies only to ladies who have a regular cycle. In addition to the absence of menstruation you can suffer from, for example, sensitive breasts, nausea and fatigue.

If you have not had your period and think or notice that you are pregnant because you also experience the other symptoms, you can do a pregnancy test. These are already reliable. Keep in mind that your period, however regular your cycle may be, can not stay for other reasons. Consider, for example, stress, overweight, strict diet, excessive exercise, medication use or an infection.

Do you have a pregnancy test?

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Signs that you are pregnant

We have already treated a few symptoms that may mean that you are pregnant. Below you will find a good description of the symptoms so that you can answer the question 'How do you notice that you are pregnant'.

  1. Painful or sensitive breasts:

    Approximately 1 or 2 weeks after conception, you may already experience sensitive, painful or heavy breasts. You probably also had some problems before you had to have your period. For that reason it does not always have to be the first signal, but it is part of it.

  2. Morning sickness:

    Morning sickness can also occur 1 or 2 weeks after fertilization. This makes you notice this signal before your menstruation should start. The name morning sickness is actually not correct, because you can be sick all day.

    It can also happen that you become nauseated by certain odors, but do not suffer much from it. Your nausea will most likely worsen during your first trimester. Many women get the most problems between the second and eighth week.

  3. Slight blood loss and / or stinging in your stomach:

    About 6 to 12 days after fertilization, the egg starts to implant in the uterus. This can cause some implantation pain and slight vaginal bleeding. The implantation pain feels like stitches at the bottom of your stomach.

  4. Fatigue:

    From the moment your egg is fertilized, a lot is happening in your body. Just read the first two weeks of the pregnancy calendar! In this period, many hormones are also produced and you start with the first crucial developments of your baby. No wonder you feel tired and lifeless!

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  6. Better smell:

    Do you smell all scented candles very intense at once? Do you immediately notice when someone has not gained a deodorant? Or do you find in one go that your partner's shoes smell stinky? All of these can be signs of a better sense of smell and that is also a pregnancy symptom.

  7. Other taste:

    Not only your scent, your taste can also change through the pregnancy hormones. Maybe coffee will suddenly start to stand up to you or you will have to gag a frikandel.

  8. Frequent urination:

    Because of your changing hormone balance, you notice that you are pregnant when you have to urinate very often. As long as the urination does not hurt, then this just belongs and you have no bladder infection. Fortunately, you do not immediately suffer from this pregnancy ailment. Most ladies have this from the 6th week of pregnancy.

  9. Mood swings:

    In the first weeks it can happen that you are not completely yourself. Your emotions shoot in all directions, without you having a clear explanation for this. This is also caused by hormones and can be a sign that you are expecting. Probably you will suffer the entire first trimester, from the second quarter it will decrease.

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How do you notice that you are pregnant when you take the pill?

Actually it should not be possible, but in practice there are enough ladies who have become pregnant despite the fact that they took the pill. But how do you notice that you are pregnant when you take the pill ?! Sometimes you notice it because your period is not on when you have a week off, but that does not have to be the case with every woman. There are enough ladies who still have blood loss during the stop week (usually less than normal). That is because your blood loss is regulated by the hormones of the pill.

You might notice that you are pregnant because you recognize the other symptoms that were previously mentioned. You can suffer from that. The further you are in the pregnancy, the clearer the signals become. And of course, at a given moment your stomach will grow. Anyway, you are already on your way for a while.

In order to be certain of the uncertainty, it is best to do a pregnancy test at the moment that you have suspicions. For example because you notice the symptoms or because your period is different than normal. Even when you take the pill, you can simply do a pregnancy test. The substances contained in the pill do not affect the test, which means that it is just reliable. You also do not have to worry that the pill will damage your little one. Of course it is useful to immediately stop taking the pill if it appears that you are pregnant.

How do you notice that you are pregnant?

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