Christmas menu for your toddler

Christmas is coming and the biggest question is: what are we going to eat at Christmas? And especially: which Christmas menu can you take care of for your toddler? In this blog I have some useful tips for a good one Christmas menu for your toddler.
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Celebrate Christmas with your toddler

To celebrate Christmas with your toddler can be very nice, provided you take your toddler (and other toddlers) into account. Below some useful tips to keep Christmas fun for your kids!

  • Let your child or children play through the corridors. If necessary, create a nice corner where they can draw, play with blocks or watch a movie
  • Keep the Christmas menu for your toddler simple and delicious like fries or pancakes
  • Did your child get a lot of calls for dinner? Do not force your child to eat at the table later. When your toddler is full, you are full. Forcing only causes a great cry. You can ask your toddler if he or she will sit down with it.
  • Provide distraction at the table. For example, by buying placemats that he can color. There are also tablecloths on which children can draw and color. Pair of markers and you do not have a child anymore
  • Let your toddler help in the kitchen. That is fun and your child feels involved. Let your child also prepare some vegetables. This way you stimulate him or her to try it later. Because who does not want to taste his or her own creation? Do you want to make it extra fun? Put your little one on a chef's hat and put on a nice apron!

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What should your toddler eat at Christmas?

It is probably difficult enough to come up with a Christmas menu for yourself and family, let alone that you also have to put together a Christmas menu for your toddler. Tricky though!

Fortunately, you know your toddler the best of everyone! Is your toddler a difficult eater or not? Does your toddler have a favorite meal? Why would not you just prepare that? This prevents difficulties at the table. But if your toddler likes to eat with you, you can simply let him or her eat with you, only make it easier for your toddler. Remember that your toddler has a smaller stomach than you and it is a tough challenge for your toddler to sit at the table for a long time. A 5-course dinner is therefore impossible.

Choose 2 delicious courses for your toddler and give him or her the time to play. What you make your child the most happy at the table, you can best serve at Christmas. You do not want to have a fight at the table about food. So let the reins celebrate a little more, if your child does not eat vegetables at Christmas, that is really not a disaster.

Make children's Christmas menu

A Christmas menu for your toddler is of course different than the menu for the adults. But of course you have a choice in this. Or you let the children eat with the adults or you make a separate Christmas menu. If you let your child eat with you, that does not have to be with all the course, but just with 2.

It is good to take your toddler into account when you compile the menu. So do not opt ​​for exclusive flavors or highly seasoned food. A nice piece of meat, turkey or chicken can also be very tasty. You can give your child a neutral piece if necessary and the adults with more herbs. Think for example of a piece of steak for your child and a stuffed roast beef for the adults.

Always explain to your child what you are going to eat and stimulate them to taste. Some children like to be allowed to eat. Make sure you have some simple vegetables on the table and do not forget the fries or potato croquettes.

Is your child a more difficult eater than you can make a separate children's Christmas menu for your toddler with simple dishes that are anyway a success with your child. So you do not have to fight at the table that your child has to eat. You can find tasty and simple ideas for dishes here below.

Children's Christmas dinner

Making a children's Christmas dinner is actually very easy. Children often do not have a 3, 4 or 5 course menu, which is enough for 2 courses. As long as there is a dessert, you're all right.

  • First course children's Christmas dinner healthy, but simple

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  • First course children's Christmas dinner easy and not so healthy

    You can keep the first corridor very simple. For example pancakes or poffertjes with whipped cream, chocolate or vanilla sauce. Or you choose something savory like fries with a croquette, chicken nuggets or frankfurters. This is ideal especially for children who eat more difficult. The fact that they do not get any vegetables is not that bad at Christmas.

  • Second course Christmas menu for your toddler

    The second course of the Christmas menu is of course a dessert.And your toddler will certainly understand this! Let your toddler choose the dessert or even more fun: let your toddler help to make the dessert. Like making cupcakes together (during the day or the day before) that you can decorate your child at the table. Tasty scoop ice cream can of course also be decorated at the table! And maybe the adults want to participate too!

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