Why is my baby crying?

Your baby has only one convincing way to communicate and that is crying. Especially for newborn babies. On average, a baby cries about 1.5 hours a day. This crying reaches a peak when your baby is 6 weeks old and then decreases. When your baby is 3 months old, you will have more rest in the tent. The answer to the question: why is my baby crying?is: for many different reasons. Think of hunger, dirty diaper, too hot or too cold, stinging clothes, need of attention, baby ailments or the processing of all the stimuli of a day.

Crying is part of it, but if you know why your baby cries, you can act much more adequately. Read more about why my baby cries and how you do it recognize crying of the baby can.

Main reasons why a baby cries

  1. Hungry, sleep, dirty diaper.
  2. Need for attention and warmth.
  3. Abdominal pain or intestinal cramps (your baby then cries mainly after feeding).
  4. Farmers: if your baby is crying after feeding, a peasant can get stuck.
  5. Ill: if a baby does not feel well, he or she will cry more.
  6. Too hot or too cold.
  7. Handle the stimuli of the day.
  8. Inconveniences: think of stinging clothes, a finger that is stuck, a hand that is folded, etc.

Why does my baby cry when I put him in bed?

Recognize crying of the baby

If you can recognize the types of crying of your baby, that is a huge advantage. You know exactly what your baby needs or why your baby cries. You can easily respond to this. A baby has 2 types of crying:

  1. Trauma cry:

    Your baby processes his or her emotions and the stimuli your baby has gained during the day. It is not so that your baby cries because he or she is upset, it is more a processing of the day.

  2. Need crying:

    Your baby needs something like food, sleep (he wants to sleep) or attention.

Why does my baby cry: keep diary

Do you find it difficult to recognize the different cries of your baby? A good way to find out why your baby cries is to keep a diary. Write the following points in the diary:

  • The times your baby cries, how long and how hard (on a scale of 1 to 10)
  • Sleeping times and eating times
  • What you did to get your baby back to silence. (feeding, giving attention, changing, etc.).

If you keep everything accurate you can probably recognize the crying of your baby after a few days and know why your baby is crying.

Recognize body signals from the baby

Babies use recognizable body signals to indicate something. If you act on the basis of these first signals, you are crying for.

  • Hunger: Smacking sounds and hands in the mouth
  • Sleep: yawning, rubbing in the eyes, grabbing the ears or crying in a thundering way
  • Teething coming through: your child is drooling and sits with the little hands on the mouth.

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Why does my baby cry when I put him in bed?

Your baby needs some time to fall asleep. Your baby also processes all the impressions and emotions of the day by crying. Give your baby the opportunity to do this. After this he or she can fall asleep fairly quickly. You do not have to immediately lift your baby if he or she cries in bed for a moment.

Is your baby screaming, then there may be something more going on and it is good to take a look.

How long can a baby cry?

There is not a golden rule that indicates that you should or should let your baby cry for as long. This is very different for each situation and per child. So learn to know your baby a little. If your baby is crying as a standard when you take him or her to bed, this can be because your baby has to process the day. This is very natural and it is good to give your baby a little time.

Set a time limit in advance. How long do you want your baby to cry? Parents usually choose between 5 or 10 minutes. Use the clock or alarm clock to watch the time that has passed. This way you can pass the exact number of minutes. If you feel like you are off, chances are that you will be next to your baby's bed after one minute.

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Baby does not stop crying?

Some babies, for example a crying baby, can not be comforted. This can make you very insecure as a parent, especially if your baby is crying out of control and does not stop crying.

First determine that it is nothing physical by going to the doctor. Also keep a diary so you can show exactly how much and how long your baby cries. Do not try to lose sight of yourself and always remember that it is not your fault. Read more about crying babies here.

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