Holding your baby for the first time!

In honor of all the mothers around the world, "Birth Becomes Her" has created this beautiful video of unique and emotional moments of mothers who are introduced to their baby for the very first time.
Two days ago put online and already 25 million times viewed and 350,000 times shared. Crazy! You can find this video at the bottom of this message.

Ode to all mothers

It does not matter where you like or how you welcome your baby in this world, your story is beautiful!
Tag a mother or a woman you love. We are all in the same boat.
A beautiful film full of emotions about the special moment of delivery.
Watch and enjoy!

The first time you hold your baby video.

Very first images of the birth

Below are some images from this crazy movie that went viral on Facebook. The images are very special of mothers who are allowed to keep their baby in the arms for the first time. The emotion on their face says everything about this most special moment in your life.

Holding your baby for the first time

An incredibly beautiful movie

(Source: Screenshots video)

For everyone the delivery is different but for everyone it is one of the most special moments in his / her life.
A woman later remembers to the smallest details what happened on the birthday and will still play this film regularly in her head.

Moreover, her husband can help when there are some gaps in the memory of this day. Men are, in contrast to women, much less focused on details but more concerned with the larger picture of birth and childbirth.
This is absolutely no bad thing but just a difference between the brain of the woman and the man.

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