Facial expression of a pooping baby!

Every parent will recognize this, the facial expression of your pooping baby! When the baby is in need, you have this directly as a parent. Not only because of the air but especially because of the look and the facial expression of your baby.
The video below is very funny, especially because the images are played slowed down. The faces that the babies show you recognize from thousands!

Video of the facial expression of pooping babies

The video below shows babies while doing "the big message" and is a very nice advertising video from a few years ago for the billets of Pampers. The video of the pooping babies is so hilarious that he is still worth watching!

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Poop expressions of your baby

Perhaps you know as a mother exactly when your little one is pooping because you recognize that facial expression of your baby.

We are curious about the photo of your baby when he is busy stuffing his diaper with that brown slush.

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Changing diaper when your baby is completely covered!

Sometimes it happens that your baby has pooped herself completely. Changing the diaper is not a simple job, not only because of the air but how do you pull out that dirty romper? Overtaking the romper out is not really an option. Yet there is another way to take off the dirty onesie so that your baby does not have to go into the bath again immediately.

Curious about how to take off a romper in the right way? Taking a romper off is something you do!

Video: This baby has a lot of hair!

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