Planning a newborn photo shoot

Your newborn baby is the most beautiful and sweetest baby in the world. It is only too bad that they grow so fast! Within a few weeks that tiny person is already a lot bigger and heavier. Do you want to be able to cherish those beautiful memories of that little new person forever? Then plan one newborn photo shoot!

What is a newborn shoot?

In short, a newborn photo shoot is a photo shoot of your little newborn baby. Usually this shoot is planned in the first two weeks after birth. Your little one is really a little baby with the most adorable hands and feet. Before you know it, your baby is no longer so super small and it would be a shame if you did not record these first weeks on earth properly. Most newborn photoshoots consist of beautiful snapshots of those small hands and feet and your baby who sleeps wonderfully curled up on your hand, body or dress. For example, the Anne Geddes photos.

When do newborn shoot?

It is best to plan the newborn photo shoot in the first two weeks after birth, preferably in the second week. If you plant a shoot earlier, your baby may still suffer from jaundice because the liver is not working properly yet. In addition, a baby who is really newborn can have some traces of childbirth such as folds, skin smears or mountain. It would be a shame if that is in the picture.

The best time is between day 6 and 10. Your baby is still very small and can then also curl up in the famous fetal position that they know from the womb. Many parents like to capture that attitude. Babies older than 2 weeks no longer have that newborn appearance.

Now there is one thing that makes things difficult: you can not plan your childbirth well. Maybe your baby will arrive earlier than your due date and maybe much later. How can you plan a date? An experienced newborn photo shoot photographer knows this like no other and they can respond to this.

Start looking for a photographer in time anyway. So certainly a few months before your due date. Also compare multiple quotations and photographers with each other, because the prices can be very different. If you are on time, you have a big chance that the photographer is available. You can also discuss together what you can do if your baby comes sooner or later.

Newborn photo shoot at home

Many photographers can also take care of a newborn photo shoot at your home if you find that more pleasant. They will then take the necessary stuff themselves. A few things that you can already think about:

  • Determine which space is most suitable for the shoot. You can consult this with the photographer. You will probably have to check which room has the best light and a pleasant temperature. It will also be nice if the walls have a neutral (white) color.
  • Make sure you can keep your baby warm during the shoot. Usually your little one will be almost naked and since babies can not properly regulate their body temperature, you will have to do that. Make sure the room is comfortably warm. If the photographer wants to use blankets, you can put them on the heater in advance so that your little one is nicely warm.

Newborn photography tips

Do you have a newborn photo shoot soon or would you like to make some beautiful snapshots of your smallest shoot? Here are some tips that can help you run the photo shoot well.

  • Provide a pleasant temperature, because your baby can not keep himself warm.
  • Your baby feels the best when he or she is just well fed. Make sure that your baby has eaten and fed well just before the shoot. A clean diaper may also be nice. Keep extra wipes on hand, because your baby can give back mouths.
  • Beautiful and soft light makes the skin of your baby the most beautiful. Also check how your child responds to a flash. Some babies may be shocked. You better opt for continuous light.
  • See if you can arrange smart 'softboxes'. A cradle with a white palate is, for example, a very good light tent. Also see if there are no bright colors in the area that form a nasty reflection on your baby's skin.
  • Consider the sound that is present. You obviously do not want your baby to be scared. This does not mean, however, that the space must be quiet, because then your baby can be frightened by unexpected sounds. Therefore, choose a soft music or another continuous sound that can muffle unexpected sounds.
  • You or the photographer can help the baby a bit to get into the right position, but always be very careful. So do not force a certain unnatural attitude. What many photographers do is to have the child held by the parent and this parent later from the shoot 'photo shopping'.
  • If you are interested in a newborn photo shoot and you want incredibly beautiful pictures of your baby? Then choose a professional photographer for an unforgettable souvenir of this beautiful period in your life. Look here with which photographers we work together.

  • Let the details in the picture, such as those cute feet and hands. What's also nice is to lay the baby's hands with yours. This way you can only see how they are.
  • Your baby will not always cooperate. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can try to help your little one. Gently caressing the forehead or nose can make your little one fall asleep. If your baby has to look in a certain direction, it sometimes works with your finger to stroke the cheek. In a reflex your baby will be inclined to look that way.
  • Have a lot of patience! You should not think that a newborn photoshoot is ripped within half an hour. Your little one can not feel like it. Maybe you need to comfort a little more or give extra nutrition, do it and take your time. Do not feel guilty, it is more common that babies do not agree with the shoot.

Newborn photo shoot costs

The costs of a newborn photo shoot are very different. The amount of the costs depends on what you exactly buy. So a shoot of half an hour where you get 10 photos, cheaper than a shoot of 2 hours where you get 50 photos. At least you can count on 100 to 200 euros and the price can go up to 900 euros.

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