Training abdominal muscles during pregnancy

I played a lot for my pregnancy and so far I keep it up during my pregnancy. In the first quarter it did not go very well, but now that I am in my second trimester (hallelujah) I am doing better and I can do more.
Something I immediately ran into at the beginning was: Training abdominal muscles during pregnancy!
Can I train my abdominal muscles during pregnancy and if so, what are good exercises? I started looking for it and decided to share it with you right away.

Training straight abdominal muscles during pregnancy? Not a good idea!

In the beginning of your pregnancy you can still train your right abdominal muscles perfectly. I have just done that, but from your second trimester (after the third month) it is better to stop this. Your belly will grow more and more in your second trimester. I noticed from my 14th week that my stomach was getting more and more set up. Because of the growth of your stomach, your straight abs (the 'six pack') will give way.

Your straight abdominal muscles are connected to each other via a connective tissue tendon plate. The tendon plate runs from the bottom of the sternum to the pubic bone. Normally the tendon plate is 1 cm wide. When your belly starts to grow, your straight abdominal muscles have to make room and sometimes they can deviate up to 2.5 centimeters apart.

Diastasis during pregnancy

The space between the abdominal muscles becomes one diastasis called. Many pregnant women get a mild form of diastasis during pregnancy. This has a bit to do with the size of your belly. For example, women with a huge pumpkin size will have a larger diastasis.
If at the moment that your abdominal muscles are already under pressure due to your growing belly, you will also train these abdominal muscles during pregnancy, you can make the diastasis worse. The larger your diastase, the longer your recovery. You really do not want that.

So even though you feel a tendency to train your abdominal muscles a lot to prevent a choked belly. Do not do it! You just make it worse. Personally I am like death for a diastase because I really do not feel like flabby abdominal muscles after my pregnancy. That is why I have not trained my straight abdominal muscles since week 14. Exercises that you no longer have to do are crunches, V-ups or knee raises.

You can train these abdominal muscles during pregnancy

Training the straight abdominal muscles (you know, the six-pack that is always hidden under that layer of fat) is a big NO NO during pregnancy. What you can train are the oblique abdominal muscles. According to the sports doctors of the information website it is good to pay extra attention during your pregnancy to strengthen your oblique abdominal muscles (and also your back muscles and pelvic floor muscles).

This can alleviate the chance of back problems, pelvic instability and incontinence. At the same time, strong abdominal muscles can absorb the weight of your uterus, which may slightly relieve the symptoms of tire pain.

Abdominal exercises during pregnancy

Below abdominal exercises you can perform well during pregnancy.

  • Shelves: Shelves may during pregnancy because it does not pull your abdominal muscles apart. Be careful when you have a starting diastase.
  • Side shelf with leg lift, you also have a slightly easier version of this: side shelf with leg lift
  • Tap on heels

Do you want it all easy? Then I say: long live YouTube! There they have entire workouts with videos about their stomach muscles during pregnancy. I always do that too. The advantage of sports videos is that you do not have to think too much and also do not have to count or have to keep track of minutes. Just do what the puppet says on your screen and use yourself for 100%. Simple right?

I do all my sports activities through sports videos. Search YouTube in 'prenatal abs' and you will find all sorts of videos full of good and safe abdominal exercises during pregnancy like this and this.

Before you start training with abdominal muscles during pregnancy

Before you start working on your mega sweat, always ask your doctor if you can do this. This is especially true for the ladies who were not that active before the pregnancy. If you were already active a lot before the pregnancy, you can simply continue with this. Just keep in mind that after the third month you do not train your right abdominal muscles.

Do's and Don'ts for sports during pregnancy

Finally, these general do's and don'ts for sports during pregnancy from


  • Try to move moderately intensively every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Change your way of exercise or exercise if you find your pregnant belly in the way or if you suffer from tire pain.
  • Exercise less intensive exercise if you get a hard belly.
  • You can make maximum effort.


  • After the first trimester it is not wise to perform contact sports or exercise where there is a high risk of falling.
  • Do not go diving, mountain climbing, snowboarding or skiing.
  • Do not exercise if your membranes are broken or if you suffer from vaginal bleeding.
  • Stop exercising if you are short of breath at rest.
  • Also stop exercising if you suffer from: dizziness, headache, chest pain, muscle weakness, pain in your calf or when you feel less alive.

Do you still have sports tips? Let me know!

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