The first baby snacks and exercise snacks

The first 4 months you do not really have to think about what you give your baby to eat. Your baby 'only' eats bottle-feeding or breast-feeding. But if your baby is around 4 months old you can start with the first baby snacks, in other words practice snacks.

In the beginning it does not mean much and probably only one spoon will go inside. If you like your child, you can start building up slowly. Read here everything about the first baby snacks, what you can give and how you can build.

From when do you give the first baby snacks?

If your baby is 4 months old, the body is better able to process other food than milk. So you can start with the exercise snacks from then on. But do not pin us on it. It may be that your child is not ready for it yet and is structurally keeping the mouth shut.

So start with it when your child is really ready for it. When your baby looks at the food from your mouth and makes smacking noises, his or her interest is aroused and you can start with it. Do not wait too long with the exercise snacks. If your baby is 6 months old, it really needs something different than just milk.

First snacks baby schedule

In the beginning you can keep it very simple. You do not have to offer your baby any culinary delights. A spoon boiled and mashed or mashed vegetables or fruit is already sufficient as first baby snacks. Make sure that no salt, sugar or fat is added. Do not give multiple flavors, but keep it with one product and a taste.

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Give this a few days before you switch to a different taste. Soft flavors work well in the beginning such as cauliflower, beans, broccoli, carrot, zucchini or pumpkin. A little later you can try to give some fruit such as apple, peach, melon, banana, mango or pear. If this goes well, you can start to vary more.

The exercise snacks are an addition to bottle feeding or breastfeeding. In the beginning you give 3 or 4 bites 1 or 2 times a day. You can make baby snacks yourself, but you can also buy the exercise snacks from a jar. From the 7 months you will slowly build up to complete meals. Look here for a clear feeding schedule for your baby including the exercise snacks.

At what time can you give exercise snacks?

You can give the snacks right after bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Another good moment is between 2 meals. At that moment your baby is reasonably relaxed and not very hungry. Probably he or she is more open to something new than when the stomach is very bad.

Practice snacks from 6 months

If your baby is 6 months, you can go one step further with the baby food. In addition to fruit and vegetables, you can also try to eat pieces of light brown bread (without crust). You can also try some cooked and lean meat, fish or egg. Make sure that you purify everything well or practice fine. Do not give too much protein, but keep it on 2 teaspoons a day or a half egg. With the meat you can also give some rice or mashed potato.

Start with light brown bread, white rice, white pasta and porridge made from rice flour. Of course everything without added salt, fat or sugar. If this goes well, you can switch carefully to whole grain products. Bottle-feeding and breast-feeding remain the same.

From pureed to coarse baby food

In the beginning you puree the baby bites very nice. When it is dry you can add some cooking liquid or a little margarine. If your baby is doing well, you can make the composition coarser in steps. Until you no longer have to crack, but can cut the baby snacks into small pieces.

What better to give as a practice snack?

You do not have to give your baby extra sweetness like a cookie. There is a chance that your baby will get a preference for sweet. Other products that you should not give:

  • Raw meat or products thereof such as filet americain, ox sausage, carpaccio, non-cooked meat.
  • Raw crustaceans or shellfish, smoked fish (such as salmon) or sushi.
  • Raw eggs or products such as homemade tiramisu or mayonnaise (the versions from the supermarket may well).

You can also avoid cheese spread and honey as a sandwich spread. Until your child 1 year it is better to leave ordinary milk, chocolate milk or dairy drinks.

The food education is already starting!

If you do not want your baby to be fussy about eating, it's good to get used to a lot of flavors right from the start when your baby is 4 months old. So also to the taste of many types of vegetables. It is sometimes tempting to give your baby only tasty sweet products, but if you want to learn how to eat your baby well, you can do this to a lesser extent. Even if you have to gag your own cauliflower, let your child taste it.

In the beginning it can happen that the first baby snacks or exercise snacks lie on the ground rather than disappearing into the mouth. That is very normal, just keep trying, but do not force your child!

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