I first had two miscarriages before I got my premature daughter

This experience story is from a mother who underwent two miscarriages. One miscarriage in the 20 weeks of pregnancy and the other in 12 weeks. With her third pregnancy, she was on board and her daughter was born when she was 24 weeks pregnant. Read here the beautiful story about setbacks and ultimately the biggest reward ever: a happy daughter!

Many years ago I sometimes dreamed about a little girl with red hair who played in the puddles. Because my partner and I did not have red hair, I did not pay much attention to it. When we tried to conceive, we succeeded immediately. Despite the fact that many indicated that this would be difficult because of my PCOS. We decided that we wanted two children. But when I was pregnant, I found that feeling so wonderful that I said 'I can not believe I can only do this twice'.

The pregnancy made me very sick and I often had bleeding.

I was a bit worried about this, but I did not know what was normal. When I was 20 weeks pregnant I had slight bleeding and pain that seemed like contractions. I went to the hospital. There she told me that I was at the beginning of the birth. In order to ensure that my baby would survive, it was best to be as quiet as possible and to keep this as long as possible.

In the last week of my pregnancy, that was all I could do. I could not get up and ate and drank something with my legs. In the meantime, I felt the baby move. I knew it would not end well. On May 23 at 6:20 my little Aubrey was born. She was absolutely perfect, but too small to survive.

When we were ready to try again, I was immediately pregnant again. This time I was pregnant in the summer. I already had several early checks to monitor the heartbeat because I was terrified that it would go wrong again. But when we had our 12-week ultrasound, we discovered that our baby had died around the 9th week of my pregnancy. I felt different with this baby, for example, I had no fatigue or suffering from nausea. At the moment that I had an examination of the fetus, milk came out of my breasts. My body was so adjusted to the arrival of my first child, Aubrey, that it was thought that we just continued as intended.

Although I was assured that everything in my body was in order, I was not pregnant until 6 months next time. Before I became pregnant, I had had bleeding for a month. In this pregnancy I was just as tired and ill as I was at Aubrey. I still felt great about being pregnant, but I knew I had to see everything as a possibility and 'maybe'.

Until the moment that I could take this baby in my arms, nothing was certain.

I tried a cervical cerclage (a treatment in which a band is placed around the cervix to prevent preterm birth.) To prevent us having to go through the same thing again. Still, I bled all the time. I was nervous and anxious and I felt like I was made of glass.

Around the 24 weeks of my pregnancy, it did not feel right. I gave birth the following week. This time the baby was big enough to survive. After 4 difficult months in the hospital, different surgeries and even more nervousness and anxiety, our little girl Lela finally came home.

I am running the moment I write this red-haired daughter 19 months old with her father and she has the greatest fun. '

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