Pregnancy glow

During pregnancy, the hormones cause a lot of trouble such as morning sickness, painful breasts, pregnancy acne or constipation. Fortunately, there are also a number of pregnancy symptoms caused by the hormones, which are quite nice. First of all, of course, the fact that a small baby grows in your stomach. Other very welcome extras: beautiful full wood hair, stronger nails and the pregnancy glow.

What causes pregnancy glow?

The pregnancy hormones are sometimes not your best friends, but if they are the cause pregnancy glow. Because the pregnancy hormones are also responsible for this. Do not you have a pregnancy glow? Unfortunately that can not be the case, not everyone benefits from this advantage. It seems, by the way, that women who do not have a pregnancy glow can also happily praise themselves. Probably these women are less sensitive to pregnancy hormones and therefore suffer less from pregnancy ailments.

What changes in your face with a pregnancy glow?

The pregnancy glow is caused by a couple changes in your face. First, your skin makes more sebum. This sebum provides a literal shine over your face because your skin is a little bit greasy. In addition, the pregnancy hormones ensure that your blood circulation is better. The result is delicious light pink blushes on your cheeks.

Finally, it may be that you are going to hold something more fluid. This is not always pleasant (think of thick feet) but when you hold a little bit of moisture in your face you can enjoy a tighter skin with less small wrinkles. No anti wrinkle cream can compete with this!

Other causes of your radiant appearance

The pregnancy glow is usually visible in your second trimester, around the time you are 16 weeks pregnant. But the pregnancy glow does not have to be the sole cause of your radiant radiance. This can also be caused by other factors.

The second trimester is the nicest trimester of pregnancy. The pregnancy ailments are a lot less and you feel a lot better and more energetic. This is the time to start enjoying your pregnancy and that is what everyone is going to radiate for ?! Other causes that make you a true ray of sunshine:

  • Healthy diet: you now eat a lot healthier and if it is good you do not smoke and drink alcohol.
  • You are more confident and happy because you are fertile and you are creating a new life. In addition, the chance of a miscarriage is only very small in the second trimester. So you can relax and enjoy more.
  • The belly is visible: you start to get a real belly so everyone can see that you are in happy expectation!

Do not you have a pregnancy glow?

It is quite possible that you do not have a pregnancy glow. Instead of a radiant skin due to a higher sebum production, you get a whole oily skin and pregnancy acne. Unfortunately, that is also possible. It is also possible that you will retain a lot of fluid which makes your face look twice as thick. Not exactly a fine face, but just think so: the wrinkles are so less.

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