Holidays in Sweden with children

Perhaps a holiday in Sweden with children is not the first country where you would think about spending the holidays with your children. But the Scandinavian country has been emerging as a holiday destination in recent years. And that does not happen without reason. Sweden has beautiful nature, it does not drive further from the Netherlands than to southern France and has an excellent climate with generally warm and dry weeks in the summer.

There are so many possibilities for you holiday in Sweden with children, whether you are looking for a nice site with plenty of activities, want to take day trips to for example an elk park or Astrid Lindgrens World or want to go all the way back to basic with few luxury amenities. There is something for everyone!

Sarek National Park: Jokkmokk Sweden

Summer holidays in Sweden

Unfortunately Sweden is so big that you can not see the whole country in a holiday. But on the one hand it might be good, because you like it as a family, then you can plan a fantastic trip for the next time, full of fun activities and sights. The provinces Värmland and Dalarna are still fine for a 2-week car holiday.

If you want to go further north, you may want to consider booking a flight in combination with renting a car. A few provinces, from south to north, I explain more closely with, among other things, overnight places and places of interest.


If you drive into Sweden by car, Skåne is the first province you will encounter on your journey. You cross the Öresund bridge from Copenhagen and arrive in Malmö, Sweden, on the other side. This bridge is one of your first sights, it is 8 kilometers long and especially beautiful to drive over at sunrise. From Utrecht the journey to Malmö is only 800 kilometers, so it is! Especially for Swedish concepts.

Rail bikes:

No hassle with directions, a GPS that is empty but take the rail bike with your family and explore the beautiful surroundings without worrying to get lost! On the website of Visit Sweden you will find some routes, but you can also search the internet yourself!


This area stretches from Ystad to Åhus and is one of the most popular areas of Skåne. You will find white sandy beaches with Sandhammaren as the most famous beach. Not far away are the stones of Ales Stenar. You can also visit Kivik, the apple capital of the region. But also worth a visit are the medieval castle Glimmingehus, Ystad and Christinehofs Ekopark, where children learn all kinds of things from nature.
You can spend the night in the many bed and breakfasts or on campsites that you encounter on the way. But if you are more of the plans you can visit Visit Skåne and book your perfect chalet, camp site or bed and breakfast in advance.

Småland: holidays in Sweden with children

From the east coast of Skåne you are with a little 4 hours drive in the province of Småland. This is where the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren comes from and here is the amusement park named Asrtid Lindgrens World, which she named in Vimmerby. If you travel with children, a visit is definitely worth it! But also know the parents Pippi Longstocking still?

Småland consists for 50% of forest and is one of the provinces with the most lakes in Sweden.

Sågebäckens Kronopark:

Here you will find the longest zipline in Northern Europe, it is no less than 1550 meters long and has 11 intermediate stations. The 1-hour trip is suitable for families with smaller children.

Candy canes in Gränna:

The well-known red and white candy canes that are especially popular around Christmas. They are made here in Gränna and you see it right when you enter the typical Swedish town.


Of course the best thing is to see them in the wild, but if this does not work or you just want to combine it with some information about the King of the Forest. Then visit a moose park such as Laganland Elk Park. You can also rent houses here to stay in!

Småland is a popular region for families with children to go on holiday. Most campsites have three stars and this implies, among other things, that there is sufficient playground for the children. They also often lie on a lake that again gives opportunity for swimming, fishing or renting a canoe.

More possibilities can be found on the website Visit Småland.

Stockholm and surroundings

With your children to a city like Stockholm may not be your first choice but also for children there are lots of fun sights and activities.


An open-air museum with various activities with even a zoo where you can view Nordic animals.


Stockholm's own place for Pippi Longstocking and other figures from the stories of Astrid Lindgren.

Vasa Museum:

A ship that has been well preserved. It capsized almost immediately after the port was exported because it was so heavily loaded with guns.

Vikings town of Birka:

The very first city of Sweden, originated in 750. Learn here about the history of the Vikings and how they once lived.

Plenty of overnight accommodation in Stockholm via for example AirBnB. Stockholm is a very child-friendly city and most hotels are therefore equipped for families with children.

Värmland and Dalarna

Drive a bit further, but definitely still to do with the car, the beautiful and wooded provinces Värmland and the adjacent Dalarna. It is of course a reason that emigrates so much Dutch to these regions.You will find numerous lakes, only over 10,000 in Värmland!

You will find many campsites with plenty of activities for children. The many water lends itself perfectly to activities on and around the water, so you can rent canoes at many campsites or you can go on a raft. Cycling, fishing or many other outdoor activities together with your children, you'll find it all here!

View the following accommodation options with their corresponding packages:


Sun Dance Ranch, Ekshärad.

A beautiful ranch with saloon and more than 20 horses. You can stay with your own camping equipment or in one of the houses but you can also take day trips here.

Värmlandsgården, Hagfors.

Fine campsite located on the water, here you can rent cottages or bring your own camping equipment and stay here. The campsite also offers plenty of activities.

Rådastrand Camping, Råda.

Conveniently located along the main road 62 towards the north. But just far enough from the road for that wonderful camping feeling. Also here plenty of activities for children, including restaurant and within walking distance of the local supermarket.


Tyngsjö Vildmark, Appelbö.

A cozy campsite with a number of fully equipped holiday homes. On the other side of the road lies, on the water, the small-scale campsite with sanitary facilities. Rent a canoe, go archery with the children or on elk safari!

Dalarna Outdoor, Dala Järna.

Do you want to experience the real wilderness and go all the way back to basic? Then an arrangement with Dalarna Outdoor may be the right choice!

After reading this and perhaps already having looked at other websites, you are convinced that a holiday in Sweden with children will definitely be on your bucket list! The wide choice in both accommodation and activities attracts more and more tourists from different European countries to Sweden.

Tourism here is on the rise because one simply wants something different than the all-inclusive holiday in Turkey for example. The temperature in Sweden is pleasant in the summer, beautiful places that you can not get enough of.

Let yourself be tempted and come and discover Sweden for yourself!

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