17 weeks pregnant

You're already again 17 weeks pregnant. Your baby is now about the same size as a pear. The length is 18 centimeters and the weight is 150 grams. In your stomach your baby is really moving with his feet, hands, arms and legs. He will also train the muscles in the face by tapping the mouth and raising eyebrows. In this period, your baby will gradually develop some baby fat. In addition, there is now more and more bone and your child gets sweat glands.

17 Weeks pregnant, do you feel the baby move?

It may be possible that you start to feel your child already. Women who have already been pregnant will notice the baby's movements earlier because they know how it feels. At this moment your baby still strokes the uterine wall with his foot or hand. This feels a bit like your belly is rumbling. Later this will no longer be so subtle! Do you still feel nothing? Do not worry, you will feel your baby within a few weeks! Read more about the first shovels here

17 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Now that your baby is growing, be careful with bladder infection!

Even if you are 17 weeks pregnant, your uterus will continue to press the bladder. Because of this sometimes not all the urine can come out when you urinate. This causes infections. When you go to the bathroom, try to pee out everything. So you should take the time for this! Everything is better than a bladder infection. Did you get this anyway? Then contact your doctor.

Still radiant pregnant

If all goes well, you have a beautiful glow in the second trimester. Your skin and hair have never looked so beautiful and full. You will continue to arrive with 17 weeks of pregnancy, but just think: radiant people are always found to be very attractive! And besides, you are of course busy to make a new life, that is more important than some extra pounds!

Did you actually purchase maternity clothes? You will now notice that your belly is getting bigger. Shop therefore already for pants with an elastic band so that it can stretch with you in the near future.

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