Development baby 4 months old

If the pregnancy had also passed as quickly as the past few weeks, you would have been spared a lot of frustration and impatience. Your baby is already 4 months old! You say it! A lot will change from this month. So you can start with exercise snacks, you can enjoy the laughter of your baby and it is probably time for a cot because the cradle is too small. In this blog more about the development baby 4 months old.

In short, with a baby 4 months old

  • Your baby is ready for a cot.
  • Is your child ready for the first practice snacks?
  • A round of vaccinations has to be made again.
  • This month you will enjoy the laughter of your baby.
  • Are you under the slobber every day? Is your baby fretful? Maybe the first teeth are coming!
  • Tell mothers. How is it down there?

The development of your baby from 4 months old

  • Safe sleeping in a bed

    The cradle quickly becomes too small now that your baby is 4 months old. So you will soon be able to make the switch to a cot. It is very important that you take care that your baby can sleep safely.
    With a good bed, the bars are not too far apart. In addition, make sure you buy a well-fitting mattress so that there are no cracks or holes. It is best to make up the bed briefly, the sheets or blankets are not more than half the bed. Read more about how to reduce the risk of cot death.

  • First practice snacks

    In recent months, your baby had a fairly monotonous diet: milk. From this month you can bring some variation: the exercise snacks. The exercise snacks consist of mashed or mashed vegetables and fruit. You start with 1 or 2 spoons. When you like this, you build it up slowly.

    Practice snacks are not a substitute for milk, but an addition to the diet. The goal is to introduce your child to other tastes and structures.

    Very important: do not start with the exercise snacks until your baby is ready. Does your child show interest in your food and does your child make smacking noises? Then you can try. But if your child always keeps the mouth shut, then you should not impose it. Practice snacks are not required. Only from the 6 months on is it really necessary for your baby to try the snacks.

  • New vaccinations

    Babies who are 4 months old need new vaccinations again. This time against Hepatitis B, pneumococci, DKTP and HIB. If your baby suffers from side effects after the vaccination, paracetamol can provide relief. Do not give this painkiller for the vaccinations because they may not work as well.

  • New sounds

    In recent weeks you have mainly done it with 'oohohhh, uuuhhh and aaahhh'. Starting this month, your little one will also produce other sounds such as dadadada. Or did you just hear your baby say 'mommy'? Could be! But then unconsciously.

    Not only the 'vocabulary' is increasing, also the volume. Do not be surprised if you can still hear your baby 'talking' behind the closed door, laughing and crowing. Your baby is practicing a lot and will also try to produce different pitches. Delicious that new sound at home ?!

  • Laughter

    In addition to the new half words you can also enjoy the delicious laughter of your baby from this month. That sound is really priceless! And often it does not even take that much to hear your child's laughter. A game of peek-a-boo or flying toys often do well.

  • Amuse yourself

    One of those super convenient developments of a baby 4 months old is that they can entertain themselves better and better. Put your child in front of the mirror, he or she is happy with it. But a mirror is not even necessary anymore, your baby can also easily spend time studying his own feet and hands. They will also regularly disappear into the mouth. For the parents this means: a little more time for yourself!

  • Teething on the way?

    Is your baby still a big drool machine? That is partly because your child makes everything disappear in the mouth. In addition, it can also come because the first teeth are approaching. You can not see this yet, but it may be that your baby is already feeling them. Giving your child a teether can help with the pain.

How are mom, dad and parents?

Perhaps you have already tried it: sex. Or is this still a very sensitive topic? In any case, never be ashamed! In some women the vagina is slightly 'wider' than before giving birth. This can be genetically determined or because you gave birth to a big child or that several children have already passed the 'revue'.

What can possibly help to get something tighter again are exercises for your pelvic floor muscles. On the other hand, it may also be that you are just a little tighter down there. For example because the stitches have been set too tight.
If you have a lot of problems then it is certainly wise to discuss this with the doctor or gynecologist. There can then be attached again, but better. What can also help is a little lubricant. The first time it can be a bit tight, but after a few times it can feel better. The skin has already been slightly stretched.

Everything good food again

In the meantime, are you enjoying eating all the 'forbidden food' again? Think of filet americain and roast beef. Hmmm delicious! And that is all possible again. Except for breastfeeding women, they have to pay a little attention. But 1 slice really can not hurt.


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Tips of the month with a baby 4 months old:

  • Play regular aircraft with your baby, that is good for training the muscles and also very nice!
  • You can prevent a crying by paying close attention to the body signals of your baby. Your baby has enough of what you are doing when he or she turns away the head, no longer reacts to sounds or toys or becomes busier, but no longer pays attention to what you hold for him.
  • Has your pregnancy belly been gone? Time to shop!

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