Roos writes: Nothing to be ashamed of

During my first pregnancy, which unfortunately led to a miscarriage, I had just written an article for ZoZwanger with the title: pregnancy and fungal infection. And how glad I was that I had written that article. Because maybe you already guess ...

Indeed, a fungal infection

From the week it started to itch down at once. And not the itch you sometimes have when you have updated the bikini line. No, this itching really came from below. When I went to the bathroom later I also had separation at one time and this separation seemed (as I already described it in the article) on hüttenkäse (something I will not eat in the coming period). So I quickly knew what it was: a vaginal yeast infection.

I read the article back. You do not have to be ashamed of anything, I wrote to myself, a fungal infection occurs regularly during pregnancy. It can also be caused by the pregnancy hormones and an antibiotic treatment. And let me now just be pregnant and have an antibiotic treatment behind us. 1 + 1 = 2

Pick up or order?

In the article I had described that I could have the infection confirmed with the GP, but if I did not feel like it (which indeed was the case) I could buy the remedies against the infection without a prescription at the drugstore. So the next day I went straight away. The fact that I would have to pay for my medicine against a vaginal yeast infection open and exposed in the store did not really interest me. After all, I did not have to be ashamed of myself. According to my own article ...

Nevertheless, I must honestly say that the day before I considered to order the drug via internet. Nice and anonymous. But considering the shipping costs and the fact that you have to wait a day longer, I stopped. What if it got worse in that day ?!

So much choice!

So I, with uncomfortable itching and all, in the car to the drugstore. When I arrived there I walked to the shelves without eyes or blush. They did not have one remedy against the vaginal yeast infection, but three different brands. And then you could also choose between capsules, tablets or a cream. And did I only have a fungal infection or mainly itching and irritation or a secretion that smelled bad?

What a choice. Just taking something quickly and running away went no longer. The result was that I was hanging for minutes in front of the 'vaginal fungal infection department'. Still without shame. Dutchman as I am I chose the cheapest (it saved a whopping one euro) and for the most simple. That was one tablet vaginally insert and ready is kees.

Very stupid question

The moment I looked behind me I saw the row growing at the checkout. I doubted whether I would add anything to pregnancy vitamins. So it would be clear that I was pregnant and that I therefore had a fungal infection. But one look at the price of those vitamins (10 euros) showed me that it was rather nonsense to spend money to cover yourself. And besides: I did not have to be ashamed of myself. 'Do you know what I do? I thought' I ask for the certainty whether the medicine may be used if you are pregnant '. Very stupid idea.

At the moment that it was my turn and the woman had scanned my vaginal yeast infection, I asked my question. I expected that she would immediately say 'yes, you can use this during your pregnancy', but she did not know it. Eventually 2 other employees were called. One of them was also behind the counter and wondered, in front of the other customers who were waiting, whether this remedy for a vaginal yeast infection was allowed during pregnancy. Wait, she went to take another remedy, then she could read the leaflet. And she ran away from her cash register.

Nothing to be ashamed of ?!

I felt the looks of the line behind me and burned at me next to me. I smiled only a little and looked apologetically at the people who now had to wait for their Saturday morning because some stupid weight had a fungal infection. Anyway, I was pregnant. Of course, I did not like my unnecessary question. When she eventually came to the conclusion that I had to ask my doctor, I said quickly that it would probably be good and I snatched the packaging from the counter.

'I think so too', she said, 'because a fungal infection often occurs during pregnancy'. And with these words I became calm again. Because if something is caused by something so small and innocent, then you can not be ashamed of yourself for that? And I did not do that either. For the record .

Do you also have a story?

Did you happen to have had a short moment before, during or after your pregnancy that obviously was nothing to be ashamed of, but still a bit uncomfortable? I am very curious!

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