Crying crying baby with special technique

Unbelievable but Dr. Robert Hamilton shows in this video a trick that also your baby stops crying. You hardly believe your eyes. It is a special way you hold the baby to stop the baby. We have not seen this trick before. Getting a crying baby silent is for Dr. Hamilton who has been working with newborn babies for thirty years is no problem.

Technique: Crying crying baby

According to him, this method always works and he calls this way to silence a crying baby: "the hold". For parents it can be quite a challenge to get a baby quiet and perhaps this technique can help you.

In the video below, this pediatrician from Santa Monica shows how it works. Try this technique to stop your crying baby.

Baby does not stop crying

In addition to this technique, there are even more ways to make your baby stop crying. First of all, of course you ensure that you investigate the possible causes why a baby cries. Then you could try one of these techniques if your baby continues to cry. These videos often go viral on Facebook and are massively shared by parents.
We have collected some of these videos at Zo Zwanger. Below you will find them back:

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Recognize body signals from the baby

A baby communicates with you in more ways than by just crying. Crying is the last means to attract your attention. If you get to know the body signals and baby gestures, you can often anticipate the crying of the baby and you will not have to use the technique of a crying baby.

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