Cystitis during pregnancy

Bladder inflammation during pregnancy is relatively rare. So there is a good chance that you will not be spared either. In itself a bladder infection is harmless, but it is important to treat quickly so that it does not turn into a renal pelvic inflammation. To treat it, you must of course know that you have it. We will help you with that.
Read in this blog what a bladder infection is, why the chance of one cystitis during pregnancy great, how you can treat it and (more importantly) prevent it.

What is a bladder infection

If you have a bladder infection, there is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. The inflammation is caused by bacteria, usually the E. coli bacteria. These bacteria enter the bladder via the urethra. A bladder infection is not contagious. It is necessary to treat it, otherwise it can pass into a renal pelvic inflammation.

Bladder infection early pregnancy

Cystitis during the beginning of pregnancy occurs regularly. In any case, this annoying ailment is more common in women than in men. That is because the urethra in women is shorter and closer to the anus. In the beginning of the pregnancy the inflammation of the bladder can be caused by those fine pregnancy hormones. This makes the bladder wall a little slack and widen the ureters, causing bacteria to crawl faster. In addition, you have to urinate more often because your kidneys work faster.

Cystitis end of pregnancy

At the end of your pregnancy, the chance that you get a bladder infection will increase again. Because your uterus (and more to the end your baby) presses on your bladder you have to go to the toilet more often. You will always pee out small bits. But since your uterus and your dear sweetie also push the bladder out a bit, some urine remains behind. Bacteria love this residual urine, making it a good breeding ground.

Another reason why pregnant women get a bladder infection more quickly is due to the fact that the urine of pregnant women contains more acids, hormones, mineral salts and nutrients.

Cystitis to become pregnant

You can basically just get pregnant while you have a bladder infection. The inflammation is located in a different place, namely at your bladder. However, it is better to treat bladder inflammation as soon as possible, preferably before you try to become pregnant.

Symptoms of a bladder infection during pregnancy

One of the most recognizable symptoms of a bladder infection is often urinating. But that is something that pregnant women already have to do a lot through pregnancy. For that reason it is sometimes difficult to determine whether there is a bladder infection or something else. Therefore, also note the following symptoms:

  • A lot of peeing where you can only squeeze out little bits.
  • Pain in your lower abdomen or back (just below your ribs).
  • Possible pain during urination (although some pregnant women do not feel this).
  • Your urine is a little cloudy or there is some blood in it.
  • Your urine smells different.

Cystitis during pregnancy is dangerous

A bladder infection during pregnancy is not harmful, but if it is not treated it can proceed to kidney pelvic inflammation and then you are further away from home. Kidney pelvic inflammation is associated with high fever, vomiting and pain around the kidneys. Another danger of a bladder infection is that it can induce premature contractions in your last trimester. So always pay attention to the symptoms so that you can take action on time.

Cystitis during pregnancy treatment

If you suspect a bladder infection, you can go to your doctor. They will examine your urine and then give you an antibiotic treatment. Probably a cure with amoxicillin, this medication is not harmful for the baby. Always report to your doctor that you are pregnant. Usually you are relieved of your bladder infection after 2 days.
The chance of a fungal infection is also present. This can be treated with a cream, but also consult here again the doctor or pharmacy what is possible.

Prevent bladder inflammation during pregnancy

Preventing bladder inflammation during pregnancy may not go completely, but with the tips below you can reduce the chance:

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