Baby massage, how should you massage your baby?

Through a good massage you can relax yourself and even feel reborn. Not only adults can enjoy this intensely, even your baby thinks a massage is great! But that is not the only advantage. A baby massage is good for your band, the immune system of your child, the blood circulation, digestion and the sleep of your baby (and thus your night's rest!). Read here how you can pamper your baby and then sleep like a rose.

Give love by massaging the baby

Babies love it when they are touched. This reassures them and gives them a secure feeling. It is not for nothing that your little one sometimes opens the throat just to get attention. A baby massage is a perfect way to give your baby all your attention. This reinforces your bond. You also give a lot of love and warmth by massaging with which you respond to an important primary need.

To top it all off, you can adjust your baby massage so that your child wants nothing more than spending hours in dreamland after the massage. Roll up your sleeves!

Baby massage step-by-step plan and preparation

Before you start the massage, a small preparation is necessary, otherwise the baby massage can cause stress and a crying baby instead of relaxation and of course you do not want to.

  1. Make sure that the room in which you are going to massage is warm (about 22 degrees).
  2. Choose a safe and soft surface such as towels, changing mat or a blanket.
  3. Always check that your baby can not roll off anything.
  4. The baby massage is the best when your baby is exposed, you get good skin on skin contact and you can also massage better.
  5. Use baby oil or a natural oil.
  6. Turn off devices that can make noise, after all, it's time to relax.
  7. Take off your rings, bracelets and watch and check that your nails do not have sharp corners or edges.

When should you not massage?

A baby massage is suitable for babies older than 6 weeks. When they are younger, a massage is a little too intense for that delicate body. In addition, it is not wise to massage your baby when he or she is just fed. If your baby has cramps, it is better to consult with your midwife first or to have a baby massage.

That way you can do a baby massage yourself!

All preparations made? Then it's time for a wonderful baby massage. When you start with this, let the massage last for 5 minutes and build it up to 10 minutes later. See also how your baby reacts to it. Some babies want to sleep right away, but others can become active. Below a few massage techniques:

  • Start at the feet or at the legs. Then make stroking movements from the groins to the feet. You can do this with your fingertips or make a circle with your hand.
  • Grab the ankles or lower legs and make cycling movements in which you gently bring the knees to the belly.
  • Massage the bottom of the feet with your thumb. Use circling movements from the heel to the toes. Do this also with the arms and hands.
  • Now massage the upper body with your hands from the chest to the side of the body. Start at the right shoulder and continue to the left hip and then go the other way. Then turn circles over the belly with your flat hand.
  • The back can be massaged in the same way as the belly, but make sure that the head is completely relaxed.

Sleep well after baby massage

A baby massage can be a panacea for your baby to sleep well. You can induce extra sleep by giving your baby a nice warm bath after the massage. Make sure that your baby is smooth because of the oil! Put a towel or bath cape on the heater or in the sun during the bath. After the baby bath you wrap your baby completely. Chances are he or she can not keep the eyes open anymore!

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