Organize a baby shower? That's how you do that!

You want one soon organizing babyshower? We help you to make it a great success. In any case, make sure that you know when the baby shower is, for whom, how you can invite everyone with nice cards and what you can do on the big day itself. Good luck!

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is an American tradition that has come over to the Netherlands. The original goal was to overload the mother (therefore the name 'shower') with practical gifts for the baby, so she did not have to buy everything herself. The gifts that were given were mostly from the baby list and are therefore mainly practical and highly needed.

Nowadays, women want to organize a baby shower because it is just very cozy and they get the chance to put the pregnant friend in the limelight. In general, practical gifts are given such as clothes, hydrophilic cloths and do not forget the diaper cake. In addition, there are also beautiful gifts such as bracelets, babynestje or a nice boxmobile.

A babyshower is not only about gifts, but also about snacks, because just believe me: about every pregnant lady wants a lot and secretly some unhealthy food at the babyshower. So take it easy with various snacks and sweets. Do not forget to dress up the room with balloons, streamers and so on.

Who will organize the babyshower?

Originally it is the intention that a friend of the mother is going to organize the babyshow, but yes ... it does not really matter who takes care of the organization. In principle, the pregnant woman is of course also free to organize a baby shower!

Yet it is of course more fun if someone else does it and maybe it is even more fun if it is a surprise. However, check this in advance with the mother. A woman who is full of pregnancy hormones sometimes does not have to wait for a surprise.

Babyshower when organizing?

It is best to organize a baby shower at a time in the pregnancy that the risk of complications or miscarriage is the smallest and the pregnant girlfriend is not bursting. The advice is to organize the babyshower in the third trimester, approximately in week 30 or seventh month of pregnancy. You should definitely not do it later.

Babyshower tips for a successful party!

You want to organize a great babyshower for your friend / (clean) sister or niece. To make sure your party succeeds, I have some tips for you here:

  1. Make a nice invitation

    A nice invitation is crucial for a cozy baby shower, otherwise there is no one. You can send everyone a whatsapp, but that is secretly super boring. So pick up the original and send everyone an official invitation for the baby shower with, for example, the Greetz cards.
    If you want to be completely fun, let the pregnant lady shine on the front of the invitation. Do you immediately have a wonderful keepsake!

  2. Delicious bite and drinks

    Every pregnant woman likes to eat extra during pregnancy, so with delicious snacks (look here for inspiration) you can make her super happy. Please do not forget that the pregnant friend is not allowed to eat anything. So leave the smoked salmon and serrano ham at home. This also applies to alcoholic refreshments. What you can do is make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.

  3. Do you have experience with a babyshower and tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments

  4. Games and decoration

    If you are going to organize a baby shower, do not forget the decoration. That makes it extra festive. In addition, it is fun to do some games (if the future mother likes this).

  5. Good gifts

    It is not about the gifts, but if these are given, it is important that they are valued. So ask the mother if she wants to make a list with gifts she still wants. You can give separate presents, but you can also deposit money for a larger gift.

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