Second echo and share the big news with everyone!

On January 15 I finally had EIN-DE-LIJK the second echo. What lasted for 4 weeks say. I had my first for Christmas and then I heard, to my great joy, that I was really expecting a little one-niennie child with a beating heart. Party! And that party lasted no less than 1 day. Because after that you will worry yourself a little bit. After all, I was just 6 weeks pregnant, at least that's what my midwife said. In my calculations I was 7 weeks pregnant.
No matter how you get used to it, a lot could go wrong.

Hoppie in motion

I was also slightly tense for this ultrasound. Would everything still be good? Would that little pea grow and still be alive? I felt as if my own life depended on this echo. Will it never stop? Those tensions for echoes? A friend of mine said 'No Rose, every echo remains exciting'. Not entirely reassuring. But I watch it step by step, echo for echo. And now the second echo. According to my midwife, I would now be 9 or 10 weeks pregnant. According to my calculations, I was already at 11.5 weeks. We would now see who was right!

This time too I first received an external ultrasound and to my delight our baby was soon spotted. There he or she was. Our baby in living bodies. The heart blinked (we could not hear it) and everything was fine. At one point, Hoppie (that's how we call our baby) started to move! We saw the arms and hands go up and down. At one point, we even saw how our little one took off against the wall. That was really cool to see. Our little one is in full swing!

For the very first time in my life I was proud of my child. What a special feeling! The strangest thing was that I felt nothing at all of these movements. That immediately made it super unreal. Did not they just set up a DVD and were not they about to move the shape a bit over my stomach with that echo? Or was that little mobile person really in my womb ?!

Second echo and the due date

Our little Hoppie was measured 3 times and on the basis of the length my midwife could record how old my little one was and when I could expect him or her. And who do you think was right? Exactly! Mothers in spe!

I was 10 weeks and 6 days pregnant what I ended up so 11 weeks pregnant! My midwife was also shocked. 'Little he is already great, I did not expect that at all! You were right then! I have to work today because now we also have to organize the rest. " And with 'the rest' they meant recording the follow-up appointments that will be every 4 weeks from the end of February.

We also had to fill in the forms for the NIPT so that we could start planning it. We had to do that the same week. She could now also give me the due date. I was only there for 3 days. I had calculated on August 4 myself. My midwife calculated 7 August. In 29 weeks we will see who is right!

Everybody may know!

Now that I was reasonably out of danger and during the ultrasound it appeared that our Hoppie was completely healthy, I thought it was time to inform everyone about my pregnancy. What did I want to say? Finally I could tell all my friends, friends and relatives.

I did not wait here either. Immediately when I got home I left a message in my three different app groups (2 groups with friends and 1 group with all my aunts and nieces). I found that something more personal than sending an app.

In the minutes that followed, my phone was red-hot and I was showered with congratulations. What delicious say! After all those weeks of feeling sick, insecure and super tired, this was a great moment full of joy and a great sense of love for the people around me who were so super happy for us. Really fantastic. Now I could talk to everyone about it. It felt like a load from my shoulders!

The day after our 'revelation' everything is quickly normal again. Still sick, tired and not at all in my best mood. But now I have something amazing to cheer myself up with!
Every once in a while I watch the vague echo photos of my little Hoppie and a smile immediately appears on my face. I already feel love and am already proud of that gray / white person on the ultrasound photo.
And this is just a glimpse of love a pride that I will start to feel when my little one is born. I can not wait. Still 29 weeks to go ...

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