Choose childcare! What should you pay attention to?

Choosing childcare is something you have to think about in some parts of the Netherlands before you are pregnant! This is because in these places there are only a limited number of childcare places compared to the number of children. We work with waiting lists and then you tend to be less choosy and choose the best childcare for the first. Nevertheless, choosing the right childcare is something that you need to think carefully about. In this article we tell you some tips that you should pay attention to.

What is childcare?

Childcare refers to all forms of childcare for your child if you yourself do not care for your child because you are working, for example. Examples of childcare include the playgroup, the nursery, childminder families and out-of-school care.

Usually a child goes to childcare at the moment that one or both parents have other obligations. Think of working, studying, volunteer tasks or just time for yourself.

Often there is also chosen for childcare to give your child some more social skills. Instead of playing at home alone, he or she can play together with other children and gain different experiences.

Choose tips for childcare

Child care is regularly chosen for convenience. It then looks at which childcare is closest in the neighborhood and the child is registered there. This is of course nice and practical but not always the best solution for your child and the family.

If you have irregular services because you work in shifts, care or aviation, you need a flexible solution for childcare. This can be an important consideration when choosing the right childcare.

Religious conviction or philosophy of life can also be a decisive factor in childcare. Do you want your child to receive certain standards and values ​​from your faith at the reception? Then you consciously choose a childcare that fits in with that.

The same goes for the activities that are done at the childcare. Do you have a very sporty family or do you attach great value to the outdoors, then you are looking for a shelter that ties in with that. This may mean that you sometimes have to travel a bit further for the shelter, but that will probably be enough for you.

Choosing childcare in your region

Because you want the best for your child when choosing childcare, you are prepared to travel a bit further. Because it is possible that childcare has a waiting list or that the perfect childcare is a bit further away. By listening to the experiences of other parents or by going into research, you will find the right childcare for your child. Because every childcare organization has its own identity, see the examples below:

  • In the Groningen region there is monkeydonky that focuses on discovering learning, inventing the wheel and encouraging children to discover even more. In addition, they offer flexible, tailor-made care, useful if you are an entrepreneur or working irregularly. If you, as parents, are in favor of good creative development and you live in the Groningen region, this daycare can fit you completely.
  • Mini Stek is a remarkable childcare organization in the Utrecht region. They go for a lot of natural and active experiences like, for example, playing with your hands in the mud, helping the farmer in the stable or running on a soccer field.
    This organization has multiple locations, each with its own offer.
  • In the Rotterdam region, Kinderdam is an organization where each location has its own specialism that can precisely match your needs. Such as nice fit with extra attention for exercise and healthy food. And plus groups for children whose development needs a little extra attention.

Choosing the right childcare? There is a matching childcare for every parent.

Overview of childcare options

As you can see in these examples, you can opt for very different childcare in every region in the Netherlands. Just go and search in Google. Soon there will also be a collection page on ZoZwanger where you can find childcare recommended by our region.

Do you have a good tip, let us know!

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