10 biggest annoyances during pregnancy!

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and every day I do my best to enjoy it. Yet I am not an eternal ray of sunshine and can sometimes annoy myself at certain things. Great annoyances during pregnancy for example, comments from people or unpleasant side effects that are simply incredibly impractical. These are 10 things that annoy me the most during pregnancy. Which do you recognize?

My 10 biggest annoyances during pregnancy

  1. You are limited in food

    One of my biggest annoyances during pregnancy is that I am limited in my choice of food. 80% of the time I can think of myself as well that I eat chicken or fish again in the evening and have not eaten that tasty tenderloin of beef for half a year. At other times I find it quite tiring. What I said: another chicken or fish. I can also forget a tasty sandwich with filet americain and in a restaurant I have to say that I can not order half of the card. Pffff.

  2. The comment: We used to do that differently

    This comment fits nicely with the above. When I tell a parent someone that I can not 'eat' certain things and that I also leave alcohol (I avoid all the words 'I do not like that'), I always get an annoyed expression. Then the words: 'Oh, I used to eat everything and my children are just healthy'.

    What do I have to say with that comment ?! There is a reason why certain products are not recommended: they may be a risk for your child. The chance is small, but there is a risk. I will not take that anyway? Suppose you belong to the 1% who gets sick of a piece of smoked salmon, which puts the child in mortal danger? Then you feel yourself pretty stupid!

  3. The remark: Do you pay attention to your weight?

    I know: I have said many times that you have to make sure that you do not get too much during pregnancy. But I will stop doing that, because I get tired of the remark myself: 'Pay attention to your weight'. I eat very little, I eat healthy every day and I exercise. More I will not do. If I still get too much in spite of these efforts, that is only true. So yes, I'm paying attention to my weight, but I'm not going to be too frenetic about it.

  4. That everything is just less good

    Every pregnant woman is beautiful, I want to say that first. Yet I do not always find that the case. I do not really like my stomach, but those two huge breasts above it. Because of my considerably increased cup size everything is really a little less flattering.

  5. People who look at your breasts

    Yes, I have pretty big breasts now. Yes, it is very visible that they are big. And hello: my face is really a bit higher. More and more I see people looking at my breasts and I hear them thinking: 'So, they are good friends'. Whatever I attract: my breasts remain prominent, sometimes even more than my pregnant belly.

  6. It is only about being pregnant

    I find it very sweet that everyone always immediately asks me how I am doing. And this time they are all very interested. But then every conversation goes back for a while about being pregnant. Because my pregnancy is compared with the pregnancy of my female interlocutor. Before I know it I spoke to 5 people and only talked about the pregnancy. Is there nothing else in the world?

  7. Childbirth stories

    In the beginning I was still interested in: the delivery stories of others. But after hearing a few terror stories, my enthusiasm had cooled down considerably. Now I prefer not to think about it and I trust that my body can handle this. And otherwise we'll see what happens.

    The fact that I lost interest does not mean that I do not hear the stories anymore. I found out that women like to tell their birth stories. It is precisely the women who have had a hard delivery of 24 hours or more. Why do they tell an innocent and sweet pregnant woman who is about to give birth to her first child and find everything new and exciting? Do you understand that?

  8. 5 times a night to the toilet

    One of the other big annoyances during pregnancy is the number of times I have to pee! And this is really annoyingly high. And that will still be more if I continue in the third trimester. I have to go out 4 to 5 times a night to pee. Says my mother also once again: 'Can you already practice with broken nights'. Jaaaaaaahhhh mam.

  9. 'So, that goes well with that belly, is not it?'

    While I wondered 10 weeks ago when my pregnancy belly would be visible, no one can get around it now. Since a few weeks I have already received the comment: 'So, that goes well with that belly or not?' Yes, it goes very well.

    If I then tell them that I still have 12 weeks, then I see them startled. Some say nothing else, others cheerfully announce that I will get a pretty big horn. With the following comment: 'Do you already cream against stretch marks?'

  10. Biodermal scar cream against stretch marks

  11. 'Oh you're almost there'

    For me, the pregnancy is not at all fast because I simply can not think of taking my little girl in my arms. I know that I should not be so impatient, but I can not resist leaving the days off. Just like you used to count down to your children's party. And what is the time slowly?

    For that reason I find the comment of: 'oh you're almost there' or 'little what is that fast' very annoying. It is not fast and I am not 'almost'. I am only 'almost' when I am one week before my due date. That is almost.

Do you know more annoyances during pregnancy?

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