Pregnant and no money! What now?

Are you pregnant but do not have money? No stress! There are ways to ensure that your baby lacks nothing. In this blog you can read how you can prepare yourself, where you can get free stuff and what you are all entitled to on pregnancy and no money!

Child coming and no money

Have you found out that you are pregnant, but you have no money, this can cause quite a lot of stress. You will hear it from everyone: 'Children cost a lot of money'. How can you do it in the name of God? What is important is to immediately pick out some things before your little one is there. This way you can prepare yourself well for everything that is to come and think of ways to save as much money as possible. For example, follow the points below.

  1. Choose health insurance

    What is first to know is that your basic health insurance already covers many costs. For example, all visits to the midwife and general practitioner (who are related to pregnancy sickness) are fully reimbursed. The care for your child is also largely reimbursed. Tell your child immediately after birth with your health insurer. View here what your health insurance reimburses and also pay attention to the things that you are not reimbursed. For example, giving birth in the hospital is not reimbursed if you do not have a medical need for this. A home birth then again.

  2. What does the municipality arrange?

    Are you pregnant and no money then it is certainly wise to pay a visit to your municipality. Municipalities often have various schemes that you can use. If you do not have a home or income, it is possible that your municipality can help you further. For example, you can receive social assistance benefit without being obliged to apply for a job (if you are single). Your municipality can also put you in touch with agencies that have experience with your situation.

    Some municipalities give money to, for example, set up the baby room or buy things for the baby set-up. Ask the municipal desk what the options are or make an appointment with a social worker.

  3. More blogs about pregnancy and money!

    Are you pregnant but do not have any money? Then you can use some help.

  4. Giving out shops and free baby equipment

    Throughout the Netherlands there are several bargain shops, where you can pick up free stuff. View here where there is a giveaway store in your area. There are also various networks and sites where free stuff is given away. You can see what is offered here, but you can also make a call if you are looking for something. For example, look at:

    • Free to pick up
    • To be picked up for free
    • FreeAuctionsOnline

    Finally, you can always contact Stichting Babyspullen and Slimme Boefjes for free baby stuff. There are also many free baby boxes that you can request.

  5. Use your own network

    Do not forget to switch on your own network for baby equipment. Maybe you have friends or acquaintances who have a lot of baby stuff that is no longer used. Let's also organize a cozy babyshower and ask for all practical baby stuff that you need anyway.

    Also for your birthday etc. you can try to drag in more baby stuff. Always state clearly what you need, otherwise you will soon get the umpteenth cuddly toy while you might just need rompers. Our baby release list is a handy tool with everything you need.

Unintentionally pregnant and no money

If you handle it well and put some time into it, you do not have to worry if you are pregnant and have no money. If you have gone through the above points, you can get a lot of help and free stuff. In addition, you can also easily save money if your baby is there later. Here are a few tips:

  • Give breastfeed as long as possible. Breastfeeding is free and also the best food for your child. Some parents continue to breastfeed until their child is 2 years old. Here you can save a lot of costs.
  • If your child is 6 months old, it is good to give solid food. You can save money by not buying pots. These are always more expensive than fresh pieces of tomato, cucumber etc. You can choose to feed your child according to the Rapley method.
  • Buy diapers always on offer. Another way to save is to use washable diapers. You can also get this for free. In the longer term, washable diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers.

More tips? Read here how you can save on fixed costs!

I get a child, what am I entitled to?

It can sometimes be so wonderful to live in the Netherlands, because here we often have good arrangements for people who have less to spend. If you are pregnant, but you do not have any money, see what you are entitled to. You can get money from a few corners. Therefore request the allowances on time.

  • Child benefit 2018

    Everyone who has one or more children under the age of 18 and lives or works in the Netherlands receives child benefit. The child benefit is paid by the Social Insurance Bank. The amount of the allowance does not depend on your income, but on the age of your child. Every year, the amounts are re-established by the government. You receive the child benefit once a quarter (3 months).

    In 2018 the child benefit is:

    Age0 to 5 years6 to 11 years12 to 17 years

    Applying for child benefit

    Approximately 2 to 4 weeks after your baby is born and you have indicated your child to the municipality, you will receive a letter from the SVB. A form is available online to request the child benefit. So everything is self-evident.If you have not received a message from the SVB after 4 weeks, please contact them.

  • Child-related budget

    If you are pregnant and have no money, you get the child-related budget. This is an extra monthly allowance that you receive from the government. You get the budget for children up to 18 years. Conditions for obtaining a child-related budget is that your income or that of your partner is not too high and your own capital is not too much.

    Your capital may not exceed € 113,415 on January 1, 2018. If you have a bonus partner, the capital may not exceed € 143,415. The more children you have, the higher your income may be in order to qualify. Every family is different.

    If you want to know if you are eligible for a child-related budget, you can make a trial calculation. The amount of the budget depends on your income, number of children and the age of your children.

    Request child-related budget

    In most cases, you do not have to apply for the child-related budget yourself. You will automatically receive notification from the tax authorities if you are entitled to it.

  • Childcare allowance

    If you work, you can take your children to childcare. Make sure that this always costs money. If you are pregnant and have no money, it is better to have your children caught by grandparents, aunts, uncles or perhaps friends or acquaintances. If this is not an option and you want to continue working, you can receive childcare allowance from the tax authorities. This is a compensation that you receive if you have your child (ren) received by a registered child or childminder (so always check this).

    You are entitled to the allowance if you and your partner are both working or if you follow a course. This applies to high school, MBO, HBO, university or adult education at the ROC or Vavo. If you do another training, check whether it has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

    The amount of the childcare allowance depends on your income, the number of children and the type of childcare. You can receive childcare allowance for a child up to 230 hours per month per child. Not anymore. If you want to know how much you can get, make a test calculation here.

    To fill in a test calculation, you need to know what your taxable income is (and that of your partner, if any), the hourly rate of the childcare and the number of hours you want to use the childcare. You must therefore have already selected a childcare where you want to bring your child. You can request a quote from this reception (or childminder). This shows the amounts you need.

    You must apply for a childcare allowance at the tax authorities.

Pregnant and no money? Do you have any tips that I have forgotten about, but do I fit in perfectly?

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