Hay fever during pregnancy

By the end of winter I can not wait until the spring comes. But as soon as it is spring and my nose starts to itch and I have to sneeze for the 5th time in a row, I know it again: hay fever. Although my hay fever has not really started to rise, I have already bought hay fever pills. But what is in the package leaflet? That I may not have them! And that applies to almost all hay fever pills. And now? What do or did you do to your hay fever during pregnancy? Do you have any tips?

What is hay fever?

I know that I am suffering from hay fever from April / May and that it will last until September. I also know that it has to do with nature and that I am having trouble from the moment that everything is growing. But what causes exactly those complaints?

What you are actually allergic to during the hay fever season is the pollen of the trees, plants and grasses. Pollen is also called 'pollen'. These pollen end up in your nose, mouth, eyes and trachea. If you are sensitive to this, you will develop symptoms such as an itchy nose, watery eyes and fatigue.

Hay fever and pills during pregnancy

The shelves are packed with hay fever pills, eye drops and nasal sprays. They all seem so innocent, but that is actually a bit disappointing. In any case: if you are pregnant and looking for hay fever medications. In each leaflet is indicated that you better not use hay fever pills during pregnancy. The same applies to ladies who are breastfeeding.

The reason that hay fever pills and other medication is not recommended is because no proper research has been done into the consequences of the medication on your unborn child. Although there are no known cases of abnormalities or problems with the baby by pills against hay fever during pregnancy, it is better not to take any risks.

Every medication you swallow will end up in your blood and it will also reach your baby through your blood. As long as it is still unknown what certain substances in hay fever pills do in your body, you can really try to avoid hay fever medication. This applies to the pills and to the nasal sprays.

What if you have severe hay fever?

We are now in the middle of spring and currently I can pinch my hands: I do not have a lot of hay fever yet, but maybe it will come. The GP's advice is to try not to use medication for as long as possible. The hay fever itself is not harmful to your baby.

If you can not sleep through the hay fever and it really becomes a burden that makes you physically weakened (for example by sleepless nights), please contact your doctor. When your body suffers from hay fever, your immune system weakens and that can have consequences for your little one.

Sometimes it is better to use some medication. There are a few resources that you can use for a while. Please do not purchase these products yourself at the drugstore, but always ask for a prescription from your doctor and go to the pharmacy so you can be sure that you have the right medicine.

The Dutch General Practitioners Association gives the following advice about hay fever:

  • If you want to use nasal spray, you can best choose a spray with fluticasone, dosage is 2 sprays per nostril, 1 to 2 times a day. If this is not possible, beclometasone or budesonide may also be used.
  • Eye drops with cromoglicic acid are safe.
  • If you really have such a severe hay fever and need to take tablets, your doctor will probably prescribe you tablets with loratadine. Tablets with cetirizine are second choice.

Hay fever during pregnancy worse

During pregnancy, your body does not function exactly as you are used to. That's because your hormone housekeeping is completely upset. This may cause the hay fever during pregnancy is worse or maybe it is less bad. How you exactly respond is difficult to predict. Try to get through it as long as possible. I have some tips below for you to tackle the hay fever without medication.

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Tips to tackle hay fever without medication

Since it is always best not to take medication when you have hay fever during pregnancy, I have some tips here to reduce your symptoms as much as possible. These tips are mainly aimed at preventing you from coming into contact with the pollen in the air. I will certainly use them myself, a lot of success!

9 Tips for hay fever during pregnancy

  • Immediately put on (sun) glasses when you come outside to protect your eyes from the pollen.
  • When driving, keep the windows closed and switch off the outside ventilation, otherwise the pollen will enter your car. Do this if you drive in an area with lots of trees.
  • Do not spend hours gardening, because you are in full contact with all pollen.
  • Keep your windows and doors closed to keep the pollen out as much as possible. You can also buy pollen-resistant screens.
  • If you want to air your house, do it early in the morning or after a rain shower, in those moments there are fewer pollen in the air.
  • Do not hang your laundry outside to dry, because pollen can adhere to the textile.
  • Pollen can also sit in your hair, if you suffer from it at night, wash and brush your hair before bedtime.
  • Most pollen hang in the air if it has not rained for a while, keep this in mind if you are planning something. You can stay better on those days and do something fun when it rains.
  • Are you crazy about your nose? It seems to help to lubricate Vaseline on the inside of your nose. The pollen then remain suspended in the petrolatum and so do not end up in your nose and then reach your mucous membranes.

Do you suffer from hay fever during pregnancy, try to go for a treatment without medication, such as the light therapy of medisana. I did not try this myself, but I'm curious if there is anyone who has experience with this?

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