Driving during pregnancy

Maybe you do not think about it in advance. Until you try to wriggle yourself with a big horn. Then perhaps you can think for a moment: "May I actually driving a car during pregnancy? " In this blog you can read whether you are allowed to drive when you are pregnant and until when, whether you are insured and what is the right way to wear your seat belt.

38 weeks of pregnant driving

In principle, you can simply drive during pregnancy. However, it is often not recommended to drive a car in the last month of your pregnancy and therefore from the 38th week. It may well, but perhaps better not. One reason is that the amount of amniotic fluid decreases in your last month. This means that your baby is less well protected and therefore can be more likely to get caught up in an accident.

Watch out for long car trips during pregnancy

Especially in your last months, long car trips can be a little more difficult. So keep this in mind when you have to drive a lot during pregnancy. For example, plan some breaks so that you can stretch your legs. This is good for your blood circulation and prevents thrombosis.

These breaks are also good to relieve your pelvis and back. It can happen that you are bothered by this during a long journey. If you are not the driver, it can help to put your chair back. Maybe you can immediately do a tukkie!

This way you wear the seat belt during pregnancy

Many pregnant ladies wear the seat belt incorrectly when driving during pregnancy. Then we mean mainly in the months that your belly has assumed serious proportions.

Look here for the special car belt for pregnant women!

Always make sure that the part that goes over your hip is under your stomach. The part of the belt that is normally diagonally across your belly, you now slide between your breasts and above your belly.

Motoring pregnancy insurance

You are simply insured if you are driving during pregnancy. The only one who is not insured is your baby. Therefore find out whether your car insurance has the cover 'damage insurance occupants'. If you end up in an accident, all occupants are insured. A nice feeling for when your baby is there!

Pregnant driving airbag

When driving during pregnancy, it is not necessary to switch off the airbag. An airbag is not dangerous for your little one in the stomach. In fact, an airbag can also absorb the hard blow during your pregnancy. The only way an airbag can be dangerous is when you do not wear a belt or only a lap belt.

When driving after delivery?

Immediately after the delivery in the car and tear home is perhaps not such a good idea. A birth requires a lot of your body. It is therefore important that you recover well and take it easy. Maybe you have stitches that are less pleasant or you are still very tired.

Usually the advice is not to get behind the wheel for the first two weeks. At least not for a long car ride. If you have had a caesarean section, ask your doctor if you are allowed to drive again.

When is it better not to drive during pregnancy?

As said, you better not get behind the wheel in the last month. In addition, you should also be careful with driving during pregnancy if you suffer from high blood pressure, certain pregnancy diseases, you are at high risk of complications, have severe anemia or an increased risk of preterm birth. Always consult with your doctor if it is wise.

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