Pregnancy test with toothpaste

A pregnancy test with toothpaste to see if you are pregnant? It really is possible and there are more and more videos from women who test this way if they are pregnant. How does it work?

How does a pregnancy test with toothpaste work?

You mix morning urine with white toothpaste in a cup and you stir it all together. If the toothpaste becomes frothy with small air bubbles and the toothpaste gets a bluish color then you are pregnant. If nothing changes, you are not pregnant.
In the video below you can see how it works to do a pregnancy test with toothpaste.

Is the pregnancy test with toothpaste reliable?

A normal pregnancy test reacts with the hCG hormone which is in the urine of a pregnant woman. In this alternative pregnancy test with toothpaste it is claimed that the same hCG hormone reacts with the toothpaste. Scientifically there is no explanation of what reacts with the pregnancy hormone, but the videos on YouTube show that something happens with the toothpaste.

Is this alternative pregnancy test reliable? Research on the internet shows that the results are variable among women. It does not work with everyone but that may mean that not everyone carries out this pregnancy test with toothpaste in the same way. Actually, you should try it yourself to see if it works.
There are more homemade pregnancy tests to be found such as one pregnancy test with sugar and a pregnancy test with vinegar.

Alternative online pregnancy test

If you think you are pregnant you can also do an online pregnancy test, where you can find out if you are pregnant with answering a few questions.

Normal pregnancy tests

If you want to know if you are really pregnant, you can also simply do a normal pregnancy test instead of one homemade pregnancy test. These tests are not very expensive and you can order them online and they are delivered anonymously at home.
Some good tests that test positive if you are pregnant can be found below:

  • Sensitest pregnancy test

    This test is more sensitive than other pregnancy tests so you can test 4 days before your period. And they are cheap.

  • Digital pregnancy test

    This clearblue digital pregnancy test gets good reviews from users and even indicates how many weeks you are pregnant!

If you want to know if you are pregnant and you want to do a test, you want to be 100% sure? Therefore, we would opt for a normal pregnancy test with a positive indent than for a pregnancy test with toothpaste.
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