Stimulate language development in your baby

You can start with it from the moment your baby is still in your stomach stimulate language development. Research shows that babies of parents who talk a lot against and with their baby start talking faster than other babies.
Read here how you can stimulate the language development and speech development of your baby in a fun way. Before you know it, your baby already says mom and dad!

Stimulate the language development from the moment of pregnancy

It is really true, you can already start stimulating the language development if your baby is still in the stomach. When you are about 21 weeks pregnant your baby can already hear. This is a great time to talk to your baby in the stomach all day long.

This not only helps to stimulate language development, it also ensures that your baby learns to recognize your voice which can work soothing after birth. The more you and your partner (and brothers / sisters) talk to the baby in the belly, the more familiar you become.

Tips for stimulating language development in a baby

  • Talk to your newborn a lot

    Even though your baby does not understand what you're talking about, he or she likes to hear your voice. They recognize this voice from the time that they were in the belly. Besides that talking is good for speech development, it also works soothing and comforting. Do you have no idea what to say? Then just tell what you are doing, your hobbies, your favorite films and so on.

  • Talk to your baby

    To stimulate language development in babies, it is important not only to talk to your baby, but also to talk to your baby. If your baby is older, he or she may respond to what you say, but probably mainly to your intonation and non-verbal communication (facial expression and gestures). Let this also correspond with what you say. Your baby will respond to this by laughing, giggling or perhaps sighing.

  • Listen to your baby

    Listening to your baby is done by making clear eye contact, telling something and then asking a question. After your question, you read a short pause to give your baby room for a reaction. Does it stay out? Then you just continue. It may take some time, but at some point you will notice that there is more and more reaction, no matter how small your baby is!

  • Let your singing talents hear!

    Another way that works well in stimulating language development is to sing to your baby. You do not even have to have a golden throat or keep a size. When you sing, your voice goes up slightly and it seems that babies find a higher voice more comfortable to listen to than a low voice.

    In addition, babies love songs and melodies and you will soon have a loyal fan! If you repeat the songs often, your baby will begin to recognize the song and memorize words faster.

  • Do you want to make it even more fun? Then choose a song with movements like 'in the moonshine'.

  • Explain color, large and small

    Is your baby around 1 year old then you can go to the next step of stimulating language development and that is explaining abstract concepts. For example, colors, large and small, high and low, far and near. Always grab an object to show what you mean, then your baby understands you faster.

  • Reading aloud baby

    Babies and small children love it when you read aloud. In the beginning your baby will see the book mainly as an object, but from 1 year old they can show more interest in pictures. Appoint each time something is and clearly indicate it.

  • If your child is older, you can switch to books with more text at the pictures. Now you can read together and talk about what is going to happen for example or what the person / animal is doing in the picture. From 4 years you can really read aloud. Do not forget to involve your child during the reading by asking a question from time to time.

A very nice and educational book is Interactive reading with babies.

Talking first words

If you ensure that your daily routine includes the described methods for stimulating language development in babies, you will notice over time that your child is going to say more and more words.

Never try to put your child under pressure. If your child speaks a word incorrectly (often words with multiple consonants in succession such as shoe or street) then improve him or her in a positive way. In this way you can help stimulate the language development of your baby.

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