Hard sound makes a baby sleep? Nothing is what it seems.

Five days ago we placed an article from a father who makes an "Oommmm sound" to make his baby stop crying within 10 seconds. This video has gone viral and is being responded to all over the world. Because a loud noise lets a baby sleep, that is just the opposite of what we usually think!

One of the reactions is from a pediatrician and a neonatologist. Nils Bergman and his wife Jill Bergman, teacher in Kangaroo Mother Care. Did the baby really go to sleep or does she stop by a stress reaction?
We do not want to remember their reaction to the video and you can read this below.

Dr Nils Bergman calls it a Freeze reaction

Because the father makes a loud monotonous sound, the reaction of the baby is frightening. If you look closely at the video, you will see that the baby reacts with fear, the arms and fingers stretch to find contact and remain silent in a "freeze" reaction.
Rapid breathing, vigilance, anxiety and panic are the observations Dr. Nils sees in the video. So the baby's becoming quiet is not sleeping but a panic attack. Even if the noise is reduced, the baby continues to seek eye contact and watch anxiously.

Jill Bergman sees similar things in the video: A father who does not look at his baby, so does not make eye contact and ignores her questioning arms. He surprises her by making a loud noise, while the baby closes psychologically for her surroundings and closes her eyes. Jill also sees a faster breathing and panic in the baby.

Hard sound let baby sleep? Or is not it?

Their conclusion is that it is easy to make mistakes as parents to misunderstand the baby's reaction. Always look carefully at what a baby feels and at the non-verbal response.
Do not just use a standard method, but look carefully at your baby.

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Below is the video of the father who makes his baby stop crying in 10 seconds.

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