Costs of pregnancy and health insurance

You are just pregnant or would like to become pregnant this year. As soon as this happens, a lot will change in your life. Not only in the social field, but also in terms of expenditure. And not only when the baby is there, but also during pregnancy. Just think about the echoes and other checks that you have to undergo, and the stuff you have to buy. You will receive a lot of care that you need during and after the pregnancy from the health insurance. However, only at the end of the year you can switch and expand your package. Think about it carefully beforehand, the pregnancy costs and health insurance.

What does the health insurance cover for pregnancy? What do you need the additional insurance for and what care can you use for the basic insurance?

Cost of pregnancy basic insurance

Which maternity costs are reimbursed under a basic insurance is the same for every health insurer. A lot of care for which you can claim the insurance during and after the pregnancy is reimbursed by the basic insurance. For example, the most important ultrasounds, some tests and tests, a part of the maternity care and a necessary delivery in the hospital are reimbursed. Fertility treatments and treatments that promote fertility are also sometimes reimbursed.

Additional insurance for extras

Does the basic insurance cover not suffice, because only part of the costs of pregnancy are reimbursed or because care is only reimbursed if this is medically necessary? Then the supplementary insurance can in some cases offer a solution. This is the case with the NIPT test and combination test, extra maternity care, pregnancy courses, IVF and other ways to become artificially pregnant, and a delivery in the hospital.

  • Reimbursement costs echo in pregnancy

    Several ultrasounds can be made during your pregnancy. The one because you just want to look at your baby (pretecho), the other because it is necessary. The first ultrasound is made around the 12th week of pregnancy, the next at 20 weeks. These two ultrasounds are reimbursed from the basic insurance because they are there to determine how long you are pregnant. But also whether the heart of the baby works, whether there is more than one embryo, what the location is and whether there are any deviations.

    There is the possibility to have an ultrasound made at 8 weeks of pregnancy, or to have a screening ultrasound and a pre-ultrasound done at other times. These types of echoes are not reimbursed by the health insurer unless medically necessary.

  • Counseling, combination and NIPT test

    The information interview about the prenatal screening during pregnancy is reimbursed from the basic insurance. Do you want to do a combination and NIPT test? These are reimbursed in some cases, namely if there is a medical reason. Otherwise you have to pay for these tests yourself or take out additional insurance for this, but not all insurers reimburse the tests from the supplementary insurance.

  • Costs of pregnancy and health insurance: the midwifery help

    Immediately after you know that you are pregnant, you can approach a midwifery practice for an appointment. You can also go to the doctor. Both are reimbursed from the basic insurance.

  • Pregnancy course always supplementary

    Do you want to follow a pregnancy course? Then sign up in time. If you want to claim health insurance for these pregnancy costs, please know that you have to take out additional insurance for this. Pregnancy courses are never reimbursed under the basic insurance.

  • Costs of pregnancy and health insurance: hospital delivery

    Only if it is medically necessary to give birth in the hospital, you will receive a reimbursement from the basic insurance. Home birth is supervised by a midwife and is therefore reimbursed for everyone from the basic insurance. There is a chance that, in order to make any complications run smoother, you would rather go for a hospital birth. You then have to pay a personal contribution, for which you can take out additional insurance.

  • Costs of pregnancy and maternity care

    Just like before a pregnancy course, you must register for maternity care in time. In contrast to the course, maternity care is reimbursed under the basic insurance. At least, for a part. You must always pay a personal contribution of € 4.20 per hour. And you will only be reimbursed for a few hours. After that you have to pay yourself or you can call on the supplementary insurance.

  • Fertility treatments

    Are you unable to conceive and do you need to rely on fertility treatment? Some treatments are reimbursed from the basic insurance. Some completely, others in part. Do you need preparations, hormones or medicines to promote fertility? These are often fully reimbursed from the basic insurance. Insemination techniques, such as artificial insemination and intra-uterine insemination, are usually reimbursed through this route.

    But sometimes not all parts of such treatment are reimbursed. If it concerns out-of-body insemination, such as IVF, there are other reimbursements and requirements. Women under the age of 39 receive two attempts, women from 38 to 43 years old receive more treatments from the basic insurance. After this age you will not be reimbursed anymore.

Pregnancy costs and health insurance: make sure you are well prepared!

Find the right health insurance for your pregnancy

Make sure you start your pregnancy well prepared.As a mother, you will probably want to prepare as much as possible, and you can not forget the health insurance.
Do you want to find the best health insurance at the right health insurance premium? Then you can compare the healthcare insurance through a comparator and discover which basic and supplementary insurance is the best and most advantageous for you. So you know everything about pregnancy costs and health insurance and are you well prepared!

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