38 weeks pregnant

You are 38 weeks pregnant, can you believe this already? In this week and the coming weeks, there will hardly be any new developments. Your baby is still getting a bit heavier. At this moment your baby weighs 3200 grams and here comes something of 20 grams every day. This is an extra layer of fat or reserve stock. Your baby needs this because he or she always falls off after giving birth. The new world and the new way of eating is still a bit strange for your child and he or she has to get used to it. The weight will be back after a few weeks.

38 Weeks pregnant: Matter of waiting

We can not make it more beautiful than it is. Now that you are 38 weeks pregnant, wait until you give birth. The most women give birth between the 38th and 42nd week of their pregnancy. Your baby can already come this week, but with a bit of bad luck you have to wait a few weeks. Take this moment to check everything carefully. Is the baby room completely finished? Do you already have the baby clothes?

Another good way to kill time is to read. Probably you have been busy with your pregnancy and the practical preparations in recent weeks. But do you already know how you want to start raising your child? Do you know exactly what to do when the little one is there? There are a lot of books available on these topics.

It is also good to discuss with your partner how you see the upbringing for you. For example, talk about your own upbringing and how you experienced it. Discuss what you liked about this and what you would improve yourself. When raising your child it is very important that you and your partner are on the same line!

Your weight

On average, women get 12 kilograms during pregnancy. But it may be that with this 38 weeks pregnant you only arrived 8 kilograms or that you can see with surprise that your scale shows 20 kilograms heavier. Do not worry too much about it, what's coming is definitely going away. Also, not all the weight you have arrived is pure fat. Your baby takes almost 3 kilograms for his or her account. In addition, you have almost 2 kilograms of extra fluids that you hold, your uterus weighs a kilo, your placenta 750 grams and your breasts can be almost half a kilo heavier.

What also gives extra weight is the amniotic fluid and extra blood in your body. These two are also good for about 2 kilos. Together this is almost 9 kilograms that will disappear soon after delivery. And those other kilos will also lose you. Especially when you are breastfeeding. Did you know that when you breastfeed you burn almost 500 kilocalories per day?
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38 weeks pregnant! Have you already made a birth plan with your wishes for delivery?

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