Babyshower gift tips

What fun! A good friend gets a baby and so you will soon have a cozy baby shower. Maybe this is the umpteenth baby party because if one friend from your girlfriends group starts the babies, the others will follow soon. Super nice of course! But how do you ensure that you come up with a top baby gift every time? No worries. We have some great babyshower gift tips here so you never miss the shelf. Let that baby tree come!

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party that is organized for the mother in spe. This is a traditional use in America and has also been transferred to the Netherlands for some years now. Nothing wrong with that, because it offers a very nice opportunity to put the pregnant 'mommy to be' in the limelight and spoil her with gifts for her baby and secretly a couple for herself.

A baby shower is often given as a surprise in the last weeks of pregnancy. Do you want to organize a baby shower yourself? Then read these tips!

What kind of gift do you give at a baby shower? View our babyshower gift tips

Babyshower gift list

To help you buy a special baby shower gift, we have something here babyshower gift tips:

  • Make it personal:

    Personal gifts always do well. If you know the name of the baby then you soon have a wide choice of unique gifts. Because which mother (or baby) does not want a blanket, cup, cutlery, or morning jacket with his or her name on it? Do you want to tackle it completely unique? How about a beautiful charm bracelet or a mama bracelet with the name of the child on it? A birth bracelet is also very unique to give. If you do not know the name yet, you can engrave it later on.

  • Babyshower gift tips: Bracelets or chains for mother and daughter that fit together. How nice is that!

  • Reading books:

    Children can not have enough pre-reading books. With a book you always make a good turn. Put a nice story for child or mother in the front or the back of the book and you're done.

  • Gift cards:

    Okay not very original but very handy. The baby litter list is huge and especially new mothers can get nervous when they think about what they still have to buy. They can really appreciate a gift voucher because they can shop for free!

  • Baby survivalkit:

    Are you sure that the mother in need has to get a lot of stuff for the baby (or maybe even everything), then give a baby survivalkit that contains all the basics that mothers need. Think of diapers, painkillers for babies, thermometer, nail clipper or nail file for babies, bath stuff, diaper rash cream, white rompers, hydrophilic diapers, baby wipes and so on.

Order babyshower gift

It is absolutely unnecessary to scour the city and country to a top baby gift. At or Hema you have ordered the best baby gifts in just a few clicks. Even the most unique babyshower gift tips such as a beautiful charm bracelet or birth bracelet can be ordered from your lazy chair.

On the website of you have mama jewelry which every mother will be happy with. You have sturdy bracelets for babies, but also mommy jewelry with name such as bracelets, chains or a ring with the name of the little one. You can also order rings with the birthstone of the baby. How special is that!

You do not even have to follow these babyshower gift tips for your next baby shower. Such a special mommy bracelet with your child's name can also be ordered for yourself!

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