19 weeks pregnant

You are already 19 weeks pregnant, more than 4 months and that means you're almost half! Your baby is now about the size of a mango, is 22 centimeters long and weighs 250 grams. The development of the senses started a few weeks ago and is now almost complete. Earlier your baby could probably already hear you, but at this stage he or she can certainly recognize all your voice. It even seems that if you talk a lot and sing to your unborn baby this can be very reassuring for when he or she is born. Especially when you regularly sing the same song!

Development of the teeth and the protective layer

Earlier, the milk teeth were formed in the gums. This week the first steps are being developed for adult teeth. Your baby had already developed a small coat to keep itself warm. In this week your baby gets a waxy layer over his or her body. This is also called vernix caseosa. The layer consists of skin cells, down hair and oil that come from your baby's glands. This layer provides protection against the amniotic fluid. If your baby is just born, he or she often has this layer over the skin.

19 weeks pregnant: Stretch marks and binge eating

Perhaps you have already discovered the stretch mark. If you did not have one yet, it often happens during this period. Approximately 75% of all pregnant women receive a pregnancy mark. Especially when your belly is growing more and more. The stretch mark is a dark vertical stripe from your navel to your pubic bone. You get this line because your abdominal muscles are pushed aside to make room for your uterus and baby. Do not worry, after the pregnancy this line will disappear again.

Many women who are 19 weeks pregnant notice that they are getting more and more appetite for food. And not always healthy food. Think, for example, of an irresistible urge for chocolate, cookies or cake. Do you notice that you are bothered by this? Try to avoid these products as much as possible, especially if you do not want to arrive at dozens of kilos during your pregnancy.

Never go shopping with hunger and get mainly healthy products (such as lots of fruit and vegetables). Also keep moving. Now that your stomach starts to grow, the following sports are the best things to do: swimming, cycling or walking.

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Faster out of breath

Do you notice that you are short of breath and the sweat breaks out faster? Do not worry, this has nothing to do with your condition. Because of the pregnancy your breathing changes and because of this you have to catch your breath faster (even when you move a little).

High time for maternity wear

Have you already bought nice maternity clothes? Now that you are 19 weeks pregnant and are increasingly going to have a belly, this is a great time to go shopping again. It is better to buy maternity clothes than clothing that is a few sizes too large. With good position clothes you can still look very nice!

19 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

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